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What's Happening At St Michael's Ipoh..

Teachers at SMI-  celebrating Teacher's Day with a sense of pride and accomplishment.  
Teacher's Day celebration

Cutting the Teacher's Day cakes and singing the Teacher's Day song formed part of the school level celebration.

Official launching of the  Michaelian Talentime by Mr Gunalan. He also unveiled the Talentime T-shirt which is sold at RM25 each. 
Scouts adviser Mr Christopher with his scouts. The troop is organising another big event - Campfire 2017 which will be attended by some 500 guides and scouts - 22 July 2017. 

The La Salle Brothers were congregating  in Malacca for a retreat recently. They were invited to St Francis' Institution, Malacca for a gathering with the teachers and students.
Brother Matthew Bay (left) , the representative of La Salle Brothers Malaysia in Perak, was also there in SFI. 
A familiarisation program on PISA (Programme International For Student Assessment) for teachers was held recently at the computer room. 
Students doing their parts in making a project organised by the MCO a success. Its members planned to visit an old folks home in Housing Trust and boys were parting with their pocket money - in line with the La Sallian spirit of remembering the last, the lost and the least!

We gather in solidarity every morning for announcement. Sometimes, a bit of reminder, doses of advice and singing of the school rally. That's who we are! 

Giving a talk on La Sallian tradition and values during a program on Character building.

Talentime posters have adorned many prominent parts of  the school. The atmosphere is there and students are equally thrilled with the impending event.

A Form One boy scrubbing a rice pot and his friend had just finished cleaning a tray! They know their responsibilities well. Sons of St Michael's valiant and true... 

Visiting SMI (a Lasallian school) by two young Brothers (Myanmar and the Philippines) with Mr Isaac, programme director of La Salle Centre and the principal.     

Retirement of teachers - Cikgu Hamdan and Cikgu Nor Hasmah. We wish them well and have many more years of good health and happiness. 
A  reason to celebrate - Mr Ravi Chandran (left) currently serves in SMK Seri Kledang and Mr Waran, in SMJK Sam Tet. 
 That's all folks. Till another update which I am not sure when. Thanks for dropping by and best wishes.

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SMI Talentime 2017

Fellow Michaelians are currently gearing up for the upcoming annual event - a family get-together, yes, the Michaelian Talentime 2017. This year we have more goodies in store for everyone.
Slated from 7th to 9th July 2017, the show this year time showcases talents in dancing, singing and a magic show. Audience will also be treated to something extra - members of the formidable Michaelian Military and Michaelian Chinese Orchestra will also be performing live during the three nights of public performances.
Tickets are still available and old boys who wish to sponsor this fund raising effort of SMI can keep in touch with the school at 05-2540418.

Newspapers which carry our Talentime news. 

The Star - by Ivan Loh

Annual talentime set to woo audiences

SMK St Michael Ipoh Form Three student Chan Seiyu put on a magic performance earlier this week to preview the upcoming Michaelian Talentime showcase in July during the school assembly.
SMK St Michael Ipoh Form Three student Chan Seiyu put on a magic performance earlier this week to preview the upcoming Michaelian Talentime showcase in July during the school assembly.
SMK St Michael Ipoh’s emphasis on performing arts will continue its tradition of organising the “Michaelian Talentime” showcase in July.
To be held at its school hall from July 7 to 9 at 7.45pm, the showcase will give students a platform to showcase their various talents and skills.
Principal T. Gunalan said the tradition of performing arts at St Michael started in 1954 with the inaugural stage production of The Poet of Ispaha.
“The annual showcase of performing arts continues faithfully every year.
“St Michael has produced over 50 plays and talent shows, which is a remarkable achievement,” he said in a statement.
Gunalan said the event is a true-Michaelian production.
“The performers, crew, make-up artists and musicians are all from the school.
“As they get together, the volunteers and participants experience self-development, build self-esteem, and learn to express themselfs. They will also learn about organisation and leadership skills, perseverance, self-motivation and self-discipline,” he said.
“It has always been my opinion that students learn critical thinking skills through such platforms and that will stay with them forever,” he added.
Gunalan also said the school will hold a charity performance on July 4 at 7pm.
“We have not forgotten the underprivileged. We have invited some 100 people from the Salvation Army and old folks’ homes.
“We teach students to be committed to doing community service without expecting anything,” he said.
“It is always good to strive for service above self and to uphold our principle of Spirit of Service,” he added.
Tickets will be sold at RM20 and RM50 each.
Gunalan said proceeds from ticket sales and sponsorships would be used for activities to foster curriculum development and to provide a safe and attractive school environment.

Sin Chew Daily

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Coming Up....

SMI 90th Sports Day, an update on physical development in St Michael's, SMI meet-the-parents day, the McDonald chairs in the foodcourt - how they came about, La Salle Centre (an update), how's our five-star toilet getting on, etc

Stay tuned....

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

More happenings taking SMI

A group photo taken with the school administrators and the PIBG head Mr Joseph Michael Lee after the event to commemorate the 1st anniversary of the passing of Brother Vincent Corkery. 
Parents turning up during the final of the inaugural The Great Michaelian Spelling Bee on April 29, 2017.  

The blogger, administrators, PIBG head Mr Joseph Michael Lee at the Spelling Bee final.

Third former Lokman and eleven other finalists (between Form Two and Form Six) battling it out at the final.
The principal presenting a mock cheque to winner Master Karrtik. He also walked home with the Challenge Cup and a hamper worth RM150. 

A screenshot of the event to remember the sad passing of Brother Vincent Corkery. 

The family shot was taken at the Michaelian Military Band concert, "Espressivo" held at the Yuk Choy Primary School Hall on April 1st 2017. The event garnered a tremendous turnout, much to the delight of our boys and teacher advisers. 

The blogger turning up to offer moral support. These boys are Interactors, volunteering their services at the event. Teachers too came to see how they could assist. Kudos!
Tuition classes are in progress every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at St Michael's Ipoh. This programme started in April 2017. All classes from Form One to Form Six are involved in the initiative to ensure academic excellence for all. Modules to accommodate good and weaker students are prepared to see into the needs of these individuals. We are now into the fourth week. I observe that the objectives set out earlier have been achieved. The school will continue to do its best for our young Michaelians.

Look at our young boys. They stay back for an hour. 
Benjamin Franklin — 'For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned.'
Michaelian debaters are still a force to be reckoned with. SMI is the champions for the Rotary Club Debate Cup. We beat Tarcisian Convent in the final. 

A visit to the Gaharu Plantation in Gopeng with fellow colleagues. Once in a while, we need to unwind and learn new things.

Invited to give a talk on PT3 Oral Test (Spoken Interaction) to students at the Sekolah Tahfiz Al-Zuhdi. The students were very enthusiastic and keen in learning. I plan to present another session on writing skills for their Form Three and Form Five students later this year.   

That's all for now. More updates in a week. Keep fit and best wishes.

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Sunday, April 09, 2017

St Michael's Ipoh..more reports

The principal delivering his speech to student leaders before certificates were presented to them. An oath-taking session was held thereafter.
PTA chairman Mr Joseph Michael Lee giving a message of inspiration to the prefects, librarians and monitors at the function.
Our Michaelian prefects..ever ready to serve in De La Salle.
Certificates of Appointment being presented to fellow leaders. Michaelians do possess a strong spirit of service.

Ken, the upcoming Michaelian badminton star being presented a certificate of excellence by the principal. Ken, two days earlier, won a state-level badminton tournament. Mr Kong, senior assistant of co-curricular is on the right.

Seven Upper Six students scored with merit based on the STPM first term results. Their efforts were recognised by the Parent-Teacher Association and the school. Best wishes and congratulations to the students.

The landscape at SMI has to be constantly improved and upgraded. We wrote in to the Ipoh City Council for some plants and the application was approved. We were given a total of 200 plants of various species.

The arrival of the of today (April 9, 2017) all the plants had been processed and planted at various locations within the school compound. Terima kasih Datuk Bandar MBI. 

Michaelian Military Band members practising for their upcoming concert "Espressivo" on April 1, 2017. The boys have been hard at work for the past two months. 

STPM results 2016 were released, delivering a strong presence of scorers. We thank the teachers for a job well done.

A meet-the-head session of the Regional Lasallian Education Council of Perak which was held recently. It was a platform to meet the principals of St Michael's, St Anthony's Teluk Intan and St George's Taiping. We also have new headmistresses at SMI primary and La Salle Canning. Welcome to the La Sallian family.

Playing host to visitors from England. These people have read so much about St Michael's that they made the visit to the alma mater a must during their holidays in Malaysia.

A group of undergraduates from Universiti Sultan Azlan Shah in Kuala Kangsar after a session on our school history, ethos and tradition. This photo was taken in the school gallery.

The Michaelian swimmers after a successful stint at a tournament. 

The new line up of the SMI PTA 2017/2018. Mr Joseph Michael Lee was elected Chairman. Congratulations. We welcome the new committee members!

These athletes made waves in the district and state level competitions. Mr Krishnan is their coach.     

The preliminary round of the Great Michaelian Spelling Bee tournament saw a huge turnout of 315 contestants. It was organised successfully. 

Group 6 winner Karrtik, a Form Two student. He was the National champion of the primary schools category of the Spell It Right NST/RHB n 2015.

2016 SPM candidates turned up in drove to get their results. 

A lunch at a restaurant. Occasionally, we fellowship with old Michaelians to establish bonds and strengthen friendship. Here, we have Mr Lee Boon Chong, Michaelian Class of 1975 and Brother Matthew. Mr Anthony Lourdes, the OMA secretary also joined in.  

Top Michaelian scorers in the SPM 2016. 
St Michael's Ipoh will continue to produce students of calibre - academically and those of good character. More updates, soon.

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