Monday, June 15, 2015

Hello Michaelians!

Hello fellow Michaelians far and near. Time flies. We are coming to the end of June 2015 very soon. Soon the Form Three guys will be sitting for their PT3 and the Form Five, the SPM. The school conducted the mid-year examinations before the holidays started and as usual, teachers spent half of their holidays marking the papers so that when school reopens, students have something to look forward to. 
PT3 English Language papers...for this part, pupils are tested on error corrections. 
St Michael's Institution Ipoh also had its 88th Sports Day last month which was graced by Tan Sri Lee Oi Hian, our chairman of the Board of Governors. The customary class march past by all classes was still on full gear, carrying proudly their creatively-designed class flags bearing the theme, "Harnessing Potential, Nurturing Character". The Sports Day was ever-refreshing and ever-upbeat.
Below are highlights worth mentioning and documenting - only at SMI Ipoh.

Tan Sri Lee officiating SMI's Sports Day. He was flanked by from right, Mr Yong Sin Wah, vice-president of the OMA, Mdm Chan Nyook Ying (Principal), Mr Joseph Michael Lee (PTA chairman) and Mr Teh Chor Aun (former  SMI principal)
Honoring the school before the historic start of the Sports Day by the Head boy and house captains.
Ever-majestic and ever-dynamic - Sports Day of our Alma Mater - sons of St Michael's Valiant and True.
Fourth former Eashvar Rajan is champion at the Public Speaking Sultan Perak Enthronement Cup and also the state champion in Public Speaking. He is coached by Mr N. Palaiswaran, SMI teacher.
SMI is the national champion in the Star's NIE video clip contest. This achievement has stirred the interest among Michaelians to have own our version of video clip competition, garnering many entries. The selected clips, which are of high standard, will be featured in August 2015. 
An insight by Brother Charles.
Chanced upon an image taken two years ago - it was musim durian, a season with plenty of mangosteens too. We found a place at the Seni Room to enjoy the fruits which were brought all the way from Kedah by a fellow colleague. Hope that this year we are going to experience a similar harvest. Our tukang buka durian is Cikgu Ibrahim (look at the gloves)   
The blogger took the opportunity to have a break in  Kota Bahru with his family, of course to enjoy the irresistible nasi kerabu, nasi lauk campur and nasi dagang, not forgetting the laksam and pulut durian. This shot was taken from the first floor of Pasar Siti Khatijah using the trusty Samsung S4.  
Teachers' Day celebration at SMI. We thank Brother Vincent, Brother Matthew and the PIBG committee members for gracing the occasion. Their presence made the day even more special and memorable.  
Thank you Michaelians for your strong support all these years. I am compiling a few more pictures to be featured in a day or two. That's all for now.
Cheers and best wishes from me.

Michaelian Spirit is alive at SMI!

Signing off,

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Happenings At The Alma Mater

St Michael's Ipoh is, as usual, a school that ticks. For that I thank the students and the teachers for making SMI a school that still commands the respect of everyone. The Michaelian flag must continue to fly with pride and the Michaelian spirit must continue to burn. A few activities were held and I must document here some of our achievements, credit which goes to the students and teacher advisers. Their quest to succeed continues to earn our respect and admiration.
First and foremost, the school welcomes the appointment of the new state education director, Tuan Haji Rozi bin Puteh Ismail. The Michaelian fraternity congratulates him for leading the Perak education team.
The new state education director Tn Hj Rozi bin Puteh Ismail

Our boys took part in a competition at the Cultural and Medicine Carnival organised by UniKL. We were 1st runners up for booth display and presentation, featuring the country of Japan. We thank Cikgu Farihah Zakaria for her guidance.   

Our boys at the MBI swimming pool- these young Michaelians are good in water polo. Mr Veeriah is with them.

A powerpoint presentation featuring Tuan Haji Sidik. He has been with us for the past 20 years.

A special pedal-powered cycle with four wheels was used to honour a man admired and respected by many during the sending off ceremony.
Puan Normah Hj Karimin goes on optional retirement on April 1, 2105. We wish her well and a Happy Retirement. 
The blogger chanced upon a group of very dedicated scouts undergoing a "journey" around town. Activities like this strengthen their mind, build resilience and develop their character. 

An occasion steep in military tradition- Kadet Remaja Sekolah (School Youth Cadet) members receiving their certificates and titles from the Principal Puan Chan Nyook Ying. The boys' adviser is Ustaz Suhaimi.   

Truly Michaelian - A Form 5 boy, Syed Rizwan Shah receiving his title and certificate from the Principal.

St Michael's Institution,Ipoh beat MGS on April 9, 2015 to be the champion of Kinta Utara zone level. The boys are seen here after receiving their trophies and certificates from the Principal. On the left is Mr Waran, their coach and adviser.  

Public speaker Eashwar Rajan emerged champion for the Pertabalan Raja Nazrin Public Speaking Competition beating many schools in the district.  This young boy will proceed to the state level  public speaking competition, displaying his oratory skills at the Casuarina Meru Hotel on May 4, 2015.  With him is Principal Puan Chan. 
That's all for now Michaelians. We wish you well, keep healthy and be fit always. Cheers and best wishes from us all. 

St Michael's Ipoh into 21st century Classrooms

In line with the aspirations of the Education Ministry, St Michael's Institution, Ipoh has embarked into a new level of teaching and learning - the concept of 21st Century Classroom. Teachers have been briefed about the concept by the Principal and teachers are encouraged to utilize the concept in the classroom as to gear our students towards moving forward in this area.

Characteristics of a 21st Century Classroom

As we move further into the new millennium, it becomes clear that the 21st Century classroom needs are very different from the 20th Century classroom needs. In the 21st Century classroom, teachers are facilitators of student learning and creators of productive classroom environments in which students can develop the skills they will need in the workplace. The focus of the 21st Century classroom is on students experiencing the environment they will enter as 21st Century workers. The collaborative project-based curriculum used in this classroom develops the higher order thinking skills, effective communication skills, and knowledge of technology that students will need in the 21st Century workplace. The interdisciplinary nature of the 21st Century classroom sets it apart from the 20th Century classroom. Lectures on a single subject at a time were the norm in the past and today collaboration is the thread for all student learning. 20th Century teaching strategies are no longer effective. Teachers must embrace new teaching strategies that are radically different from those employed in the 20th Century classroom. The curriculum must become more relevant to what students will experience in the 21st Century workplace. Changes in the Classroom The 21st Century classroom is student centered, not teacher centered. Teachers no longer function as lecturers but as facilitators of learning. The students are learning by doing, and the teacher acts as a coach, helping students as they work on projects. Students learn to use the inquiry method, and to collaborate with others--a microcosm of the real world they will experience once they leave the classroom. Students no longer study each subject in isolation. Instead, they work on interdisciplinary projects that use information and skills from a variety of subjects and address a number of essential academic standards. For example, books assigned in reading or English, may be set in a country that is also being explored in social studies. The final reading of an English book report may require that specific social studies standards be met as well.

Further reading: 

Recognising Full Attendance in 2014

St Michael's Ipoh had a slot during the school assembly to acknowledge the students who attained perfect attendance for the year 2014. We thank them for their efforts. All in, there were 104 students - Form 1- 14 students, Form 2- 16, Form 3-12, Form 4 -8, Form 5- 6 and Lower 6 - 48. The school awarded them with an appreciation certificate each.

Friday, April 03, 2015

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Calling all Michaelians!

Dear Michaelians, LaSallians & Friends of St Michael's Institution Alumni Association,
Dinner Tickets are at RM100 pax and Be Rebonded and  Reconnected Again!
Venue: Tropicana Golf and Country Club, Petaling Jaya
Date: 25th April, 2015    Time: 6.30pm
If interested please call Michael 0192225660, Helen 0162737808 or Francis 0123661223 ASAP.
Also calling all former Michaelians who left Form5 in 1945, 1955, 1965, 1975 & 1985 Michaelians to come on stage to receive their school badges and certificates on stage.
SMIAAKV Dinner Exco Committee

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Chinese New Year School-Level Celebration Do

Celebrating Our Diversity - that was our theme in 2004. We stayed true to this when St Michael's Ipoh celebrated the Chinese New Year, the year of the Goat. Students from the Wushu Club played the main role in the celebration. We tapped their prowess in playing the season drums and true enough, the Chinese New Year atmosphere was felt throughout. The boys' splendid performance is worthy of mention here.
The teachers too were in the lunar new year mood as they wore red that day. No firecrackers were played because there was no need for that! The cheer and applause from students was suffice to make the occasion special. The beating of the drum to officiate the occasion was carried out by our senior assistant En Ahmad Kemunchak and he did that with style.

Mandarin oranges, signifying prosperity and wealth, in our case, wealth in knowledge and wisdom, were distributed for all. The librarians were in full force to do that honour. For the first time, the students were allowed to enjoy the oranges distributed at the assembly ground.

Students brought in the oranges to share with their classmates.
We had a good day and everyone enjoyed the morning.
I wish to thank everyone for making the occasion meaningful. The school will also celebrate Hari Raya Aidilfitri and Deepavali when the time comes.


Monday, March 23, 2015

Welcome To SMI Ipoh, Madam Chan

March 23, 2015, 7.25am: The Michaelian community, during the morning assembly, had a welcoming ceremony for the new principal of St Michael's Institution Ipoh. She is Madam Chan Nyook Ying, former head of SMK Menglembu. She reported duty at the school on March 16, 2015.

Heading the alma mater... welcome aboard Mdm Chan
Yang Berbahagia Dato' Brother Vincent Corkery and Brother Matthew Bay together with members of the PIBG, headed by Mr Joseph Michael Lee, were present at the ceremony. Some 1300 teachers and students listened to the principal's first speech, calling for all Michaelians to adhere to the values advocated by our founder, John Baptist de La Salle. She also touched on the school theme, "Harnessing Potential, Nurturing Character", making the students aware of their potentials and to harness them.

Lending their support .. the Brothers and the PIBG team
Madam Chan mentioned the three words that stay relevant among Michaelians - order, discipline, respect. without which nothing can be accomplished. We still need the three for character to be nurtured and formed.
The event ended with the singing of the School Rally.
Welcome Madam Chan to the Michaelian family.

Saturday, March 21, 2015


The PIBG of SMI Ipoh just had its annual general meeting and the members voted in their representatives for the 2015/2016 session. The school is very fortunate to have a strong and hardworking committee to look into the well-being and welfare of the pupils and school community. Over the years, the PTA sponsors a wide range of school community events, efforts which earned the support and admiration of all stakeholders. Kudos to the chairman and his committee members.
Mr Joseph Michael Lee is PIBG chairman (centre) flanked by school administrators and PIBG committee members.
The line-up:
Chairman: Mr Joseph Michael Lee, DC: Mr Andrew Leong and committee members (parents): Mr Cheong Kok Yew, Ms Shirley Yeoh, Mr Thomas Wong, Mr Jagjit Singh, En Taufik and Pn Syereen.

Sunday, March 08, 2015

SMI First Lady Principal Madam Loh Wei Seng Retires

Bidding farewell to the teachers and students....Madam Loh Wei Seng leaves behind a rich legacy at St Michael's Ipoh. 
St Michael's Institution, Ipoh has a long list of outstanding Brother Directors and Principals since her birth on December 4, 1912. The pictures of all these distinguished heads of school are prominently placed at the school parlour to acknowledge their notable and remarkable services. Yes, Madam Loh Wei Seng, who served par excellence at SMI, is accorded that honour too.
She arrived at SMI on August 19, 2011 to helm the school leadership. Mdm Loh was the Principal of SMK Seri Keledang Ipoh prior to her appointment as Head of SMI. She had served in SMK Dr Megat Khas Ipoh, SMK St Bernadette's Convent,Batu Gajah and SMK Main Convent Ipoh.
On February 6, 2105, being her last day as Principal, the school organised a farewell for Mdm Loh. It was an occasion attended by many old Michaelians, fellow Principals from schools around Ipoh and her friends who came to wish her "Happy Retirement".

In the words of Mr Joseph Michael Lee, the PIBG chairman who wrote about Madam Loh.

Mdm Loh Wei Seng is first among equals. She is St. Michael's first lady principal but she stands equal among our previous principals. She came to lead a great school and will be leaving it a greater school. Her task was not easy as expectations upon her were high from the Board, the LaSalle community, parents and especially the students. Wei Seng has created for St.Michael's an educational environment that allows our children to flourish in their academic pursuits and discover their passion and talents in the arts, in humanitarianism and in sports.
She has worked well with all the stakeholders of St. Michael's and the PTA had been able to carry out our activities successfully because of the support and advice given to us by Wei Seng. My committee members and I want to express our gratitude to her for her guidance. We appreciate her role as our Advisor and thank her.
In the period that Wei Seng had been the principal I was also in the PTA and witnessing her dedication to St. Michael's and her affection to our students i had been pushed to try to perform better to at least keep the PTA on the same page with her. I saw the same dynamics at work in the school as the staff were also giving their best to emulate their principal. Wei Seng made us push ourselves but she pushed herself harder.
Wei Seng will be remembered by Michaelians not just because she was our first lady principal but we will remember her because she has been true to her chosen profession. We will remember her as a good person, a caring person and a good teacher. Some say that behind every successful man is a woman but Wei Seng has taught Michaelians that behind every good person there is a good TEACHER.
I thank the organising committee for allowing me to convey my gratitude and appreciation for Wei Seng to her.
Wei Seng, you may be retiring from the civil service but never retire from your profession for you are a good teacher and the world will always need good teachers. 

Chairman of Board of Governors, Tan Sri Lee Oi Hian wrote:-

I remember the day Bro Vincent and I met the JPN director to propose our candidate to replace Mr Phoon as principal whereby the Director asked us if we were sure we wanted a lady principal. We replied that we only want the best principal for our school. And in the period that Mdm Loh Wei Seng has helmed our school she has performed admirably.
Wei Seng was no stranger to St. Michael’s as she spent two years in Form Six with us. She came back to us just as we celebrated our Centenary and knowing the needs of a LaSallian school she immediately organised a fun fair and helped the Board to raise a substantial amount of money to help the Board improved the educational experience of Michaelians.
She has worked well with the Board of Governors and I thank her for her invaluable advice which has assisted the Board to guide St.Michael’s in the LaSallian tradition of caring for the last, the lost and the least.
I am happy for her that she is ending her illustrious service with the Education Ministry in her Alma Mater. I wish that she will leave us with fond memories just as we will fondly remember her. I am grateful that she served the school with distinction and express my appreciation to her. St. Michael’s will miss her.

Brother Vincent Corkery says:
Madam Loh’s name will remain embedded in our Michaelian memory for a long time, not least as our first lady principal. When she took charge in August 2011, she was ideally placed to take SMI through its centennial year [1912-2012], a defining event for the whole Michaelian family. This she did splendidly.
Among the many highlights of that year many will remember the celebratory funfair which she organised. It reflected memories of her own sixth form years at SMI. The centenary funfair was a thrill of sheer carnival with stalls and side-shows to suit all tastes. Once again we saw the multiplicity of stalls jammed with eager customers.This was largely due to her personal involvement in every aspect of preparation, the enthusiasm she generated and the massive support she inspired.
That same year her merits, in particular her inspirational leadership, received public recognition when the Sultan awarded her the Darjah Ali Mahkota Perak [AMP].
During her years as Principal she gave personal attention to all aspects of school life, academic, extra-/co-curricular activities and staff development. The annual stage production, sports day, cross-country run, speech day etc were superbly organised to showcase the Michaelian Spirit.
I wish to say a big thank-you to Madam Loh for her dedication and service to St Michael’s and wish her many years of further fulfilment as she leaves us.
Quis Ut Deus 

Mr Michael Lip, President of SMI KL Alumni
Our SMI Alumni Association Klang Valley Association will miss you as the first ever Lady Principal of the secondary School in the School's history. You are a great example of a true blue Michaelian. Your welcoming and caring nature, your passion and selfless nature for SMI to excel will always be remembered by many present and former Michaelians!
Congratulations Mdm Loh! We wish you the very best on your retirement and may the Good Lord bless you any your family always!

What the blogger says:- Happy Retirement and we wish you many great days ahead.

Cheers from us at St Michael's Ipoh.

Saturday, March 07, 2015

SPM 2014 - Another Great Achievement! High Five to Our Boys

"Harnessing Potential, Nurturing Character" .. our top scorers
All our boys who sat for their SPM in 2014 deserve a mention here. They stayed strong until the end and that day, March 3, when the results were announced, I could see many happy faces just by holding their result slips, irrespective of the results they were getting. These students were the ones who wanted to give up studying many, many times but each day they told themselves, "I must stay on till the end". Thank you boys. My hats off to all of you.
Jubilant...parents, their charges and teachers
SPM 2014 saw twenty seven Michaelians scoring all As in their respective subjects.
Jonathan Yuen Jun Xian scored 10A+ while Tan Bin Shan obtained 9A+. The others are Kenny Kek, B. Arvinderan, S. Pavitheran, Muhammad Adam Jawhardeen, Daniel Isaac, Joshua Leong, Ng Chien Chern, Loong Ye Heng, Dinesh Rajan and G. Sharothvarman.
We also have Andrew Tan Jun Min, Thepan Ganesh, R. Kugaan, Aaronjeet Singh, Kaviarasan, S. Rickey, K. Piraveen, Wong Yoong Shen, Naven Kumaar, Jaasvinjit Singh, R. Habineswaran, William Teoh, Lucas Chin, Devenesh Louis and Jaspreet Singh.
Congratulations and thank you to our former Principal Mdm Loh Wei Seng, who during her tenure as the Head had constantly inspired the boys to do well in their exams.  To all students and their parents, best wishes.

SMI in Full Bloom. What a Sight!

The school gardeners work hard. With enough dosage of water, fertilizer and care, the bougainvillea plants are yielding big clusters of flowers, with myriad of colours.
Sights like these are rare, it happened two years ago when the blooms,  together with the Flame of The Forest trees at the car park,  also showed off their wonder.
We at St Michael's Ipoh is always blessed with so many things- teachers, staff and of course, our students.

Monday, March 02, 2015

STPM 2014 - The Best Ever

Congratulations from us at SMI Ipoh.
The official STPM results were released at 12 noon today - the venue, school hall. Many took time off from work while a handful came back from outstation to obtain their results. The varsity-bound boys and girls, who reached early, were seen going around the school meeting their teachers and updating them about what they were doing now and their future plans.

St Michael's Ipoh is proud to be the best in the state, producing 8 top scorers. They are:
1. Ng Kam Wah
2. Chong Wei Yee
3. Ho Joo Hin
4. Chang Carrie
5. Charoogesinee a/p Radhakrishnan
6. Christina See-Kei Wong
7. Khong Wei Hung
8. Lim Suat Yee
Congratulations and best wishes from us all at St Michael's Institution, Ipoh.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

A monkey found loitering at SMI

UPDATE: 7 MARCH 2015- The cage is still empty and there is no spotting of the monkey since Monday. It could not be in school anymore.

A monkey was spotted three days ago by some students at St Michael's Institution, Ipoh. The boys alerted their teachers who later informed the personnel from the Department of Wildlife.
The primate was initially seen standing at the rooftop of the school main building but later disappeared, possibly due to the attention it got from the students. It re-appeared later in the day much to the amusement from our boys.
The cage which will be used later to trap the monkey.
Yesterday, the men from the Wildlife came with some tranquilizer but the monkey hid itself. This morning, two men were seen bringing in a big metal cage, using possibly a juicy banana as a bait!
We will see how it goes.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Mr Tan Lee Khuai Retires

After a span of 36 years in the teaching profession, Mr Tan Lee Khuai finally called it quits, having St Michael's Ipoh as his last port of call.
Born on January 27, 1955, Mr Tan is known among his colleagues and students as a Maths wizard, always seen coaching students who were in need of his expertise.
His first school after obtaining his degree was SMK Tronoh. That was in 1979 when he began his vocation as an educator. He was there until 1986 before he was transferred to SMK Menglembu in 1987.
The following year, Mr Tan stepped into St Michael's Institution Ipoh where he taught until he retired - January 26, 2015.
A ceremony was planned- presentations by students, cutting of birthday cake, presentation of certificate and souvenirs and the customary send-off by teachers and students.
Teachers bidding farewell to Mr Tan. Looking on is Principal Mdm Loh Wei Seng (extreme left)
We wish him well. It's time to do the things he likes doing - in his retirement.