Friday, July 07, 2006


Been very busy attending to school matters these few weeks. Candidates for new prefects have been selected by the respective class teachers. Ninety students of good leadership skills and sharp in judgments, with good communicative skills and neat in appearance sat for the prefect's competency test today. (The test was the first being introduced in St Michael's). It consists of questions about the school history, current developments and all things St Michael's.
They have to undergo an interview by a panel of teachers before being elected as probationary prefects.

Generally, students' discipline is well under control, with cases being referred by fellow students and teachers who need assistance in solving some complicated cases. Teachers and prefects alike work hard to ensure orderliness. But what's important is a sense of responsibilities in the students to ensure rules are followed.

Paid a visit to the La Salle Centre and managed to talk to Brother Vincent Corkery and Brother Matthew Bay. Feel that Michaelians near and far should, once in a while, pay them a visit, encourage and support them in their beautiful work towards the La Sallian cause. Their warm presence and deep commitment over the decades have indeed touched many hearts.

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