Sunday, July 16, 2006


Junior Prefectorial Board, St Michael’s Institution, IPOH.

Names of candidates who passed the prefects’ competency test held on 6 July 2006. Interviews will be held next week, after which, successful candidates will be appointed as probationary prefects. Congratulations!

1. Mohd Aizuddin bin Mohd Abd Ghani 1A5
2. Wong Choon Kang 1A8
3. Muhamad Nazrin 1A4
4. Nesan s/o Balakrishnan 1A8
5. Koay Kui Pin 1A9
6. Thaya Ilavarman 1A9
7. R. Kaleeswaran 1A9
8. Chan Wei Soon 1A1
9. Nicholas Tan Tze Zhung 1A5
10. Qawiem Shafiq bin Shahrir 1A2
11. Daren Boey Soo Jin 1A2
12. Dahien Kumaran 1A2
13. Lim Kim Chuan 1A9
14. Ho Yong Jin 1A7
15. Nicholas Wong Wei Jun 1A2
16. Lee Kar Fu 1A8
17. Mohd Qayyum 1A7
18. Danial Riza 1A3
19. Shatish Selvaraju 1A3
20. Noel Anthony Mano 1A2
21. Abdullah 1A5
22. Muhammad Hafiz 1A5
23. James William Foong 1A1
24. Yew Kar Meng 1A8
25. Noah Brandon 1A7
26. Jered Prakash Robert 1A7
27. Tham Kuen Wei 1A9
28. Yugaraj a/l Thangavelu 1A4
29. Tiw Tee Siang 1A3
30. Choong Li Fatt 1A6
31. Titus Ong Shi Yi 1A6
32. Kavvithiran a/l s. Rajendhiran 1A6
33. Abdul Falakh Zufrieyl b Abdul Rahman 1A8
34. Teoh Jia Heng 1A4
35. Lam Kar Wye 1A8
36. Mark Siew 1A1
37. Nagenderan s/o Eswaran 1A7
38. Pook Chie Yean 1A3
39. V. Shathis 1A5

“Quis Ut Deus”

“Aspiring Michaelians For The Borderless World”

In Your Service,

Peter Khiew
Adviser, Junior Prefectorial Board SMI


Andrew Lim said...

Thank you for the row of updates about SMI.

- Chun Hao -

Henry Yew said...

To the new junior prefects, I hope that they will uphold their responsibilities for the next year and a half. Congratulations, too!

I also hope that as prefects and potential future leaders, they will display a matured behaviour and maintain the discipline of the school students in a proper manner.

Being prefects does not mean that one can behave above-board. A prefect is also a student who has some special privileges and extra responsibilities. Having those privileges does not mean that one can abuse them.

Best of luck, to the prefects and Mr. Peter Khiew!


Yew Guo Zheng.