Saturday, September 30, 2006

The Pride of St Michael's

St Michael's illustrious sons --Ban & Aaron
Wishing them well -- From left (Mr Louis, former SMI principal, Brother Vincent, Ban, Aaron, Mr Phoon(principal of SMI) and Mr Adrian Tsen, OMA president.

St Michael's is proud to have two of its greatest sons, Aaron Singh and Ban Vin Shen to be accepted to the prestigious Cambridge University, UK.
Aaron, who obtained 9A1 in his SPM and later 4As in hisA-Levels, was admitted in 2005 to the Jesus College to study Medicine while Ban who bagged 11A1 and 1A2 in his SPM and 4 A's at A2, 1 A at AS Level will subsequently enrol at the Christ's College in October 2006.
Aaron pays tribute to St Michael's in offering him the base in the cultivation of values and knowledge that enabled him to get through Cambridge's stringent admission process.
"St Michael's was my second home, and I was fortunate to have many great teachers who passed on the values that cannot be learned from mere textbooks, and later went on to become friends to me," he said.
Aaron said St Michael's vision of LaSallian education not only equips the students with academic credentials needed for life in the working world, but also with the traditional and wholesome education that include vital values like faith, zeal and community.
Ban said SMI has definitely shaped him to become who he is today.
" The process of learning and growing up in SMI is something I will never regret or forget. I like to take this opportunity to thank all my teachers throughout my 11 years at SMI.
"Fellow students and friends from different backgrounds and races have given me the invaluable experience of living in a multi-racial harmony which is rare in other schools especially in vernacular schools," he said.
Ban said : "I feel extremely proud in proclaiming a child of SMI".
Note: St Michael's remembers and upholds both of you in our prayers.


Henry Yew said...

I wish them well too! May God always be with them.

Also, I wish all Michaelians, past and present, the best in their future undertakings.

The Angry Medic said...

aw thanks guo zheng. it's nice to get back in touch with you. been a while hasn't it? :)

and thanks for the positive write-up, mr khiew. was gonna email you and ask where I could get the online SMI bulletin, but then I found the article here :P

Peter Khiew said...

Guo Zheng & Aaron,
Keep the Michaelian flag flying high. The teachers and students will continue to keep the SMI tradition strong and firm. Come back to visit us when you are back in IPOH.