Monday, February 26, 2007

Michaelian Cross Country 2007

Students running along Kinta River Briefing by teachers before the run.

The day we have been waiting for has finally arrived. It is a day everyone anticipates with excitement -- the MCC (Michaelian Cross Country). Students have been informed that it is a day steeped in tradition, for it has been around for the past 40 years. It is also a day set aside for everyone to mingle, interact and run side-by-side for one sole purpose -- educating the young in an atmosphere of love and care for all regardless of race, creed or economis status. From here, young Michaelians find acceptance, tolerance and a strong environment of esprit-de-corp.

Date: March 3, 2007
Time: 7am
Venue: School Field
1. Items students are allowed to bring that day: Cap, Drinking Water, Towel and attired in appropriate sports clothings.
2. Items not allowed: Handphones, MP3 or MP4, electronic games, playing cards, optical disks etc
Enjoy the Michaelian Run!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

2006 SMI School Magazine Is Out

"The Michaelian", the annual school magazine of St Michael's Institution, Ipoh is out. The successful production and publication of the magazine is strongly credited to the team of committed and zealous school administrators helmed by Mr Phoon Chong Chee and his senior assistants, teacher advisers and students.

The 288-page magazine, themed "Aspiring Michaelians For A Borderless World", is a magazine produced for all Michaelians -- old Michaelians and present Michaelians alike.

Flipping through a few pages -- I clearly note that SMI continues to salute and honour the luminaries, the LaSallian brothers, the Old Michaelians Association and the OMA Klang Alumni.

LaSallians and Michaelians....Green and White Unite!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Temporarily Stationed at the SMI Primary School

Caption: St Michael's secondary students carrying their desks and chairs to the primary school.

Primary school pupils have shifted to the new block. Led by their respective headmasters, Tn Hj Ariffin Abdul Latiff (SMI 1) and En Rosli Nurudin (SMI 2), a total number of 1,500 pupils began their lessons on 15 & 16 February 2007. The vacant premises are immediately occupied-by the secondary school students who need a place to study as the main school block is currently out of bound. Works to replace the roof and trusses are on-going. Students are expected to be there for the next four months.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

SMI School Roof Replacement Underway

Works to replace the main building roof of SMI started Monday Feb 12, 2007 at exactly 8am, with workers putting up barricades to ensure safety of students and teachers. It will take some four months to complete. That means, the much-awaited SMI Sports Day, on April 5 (Thursday), will be held at the Perak Stadium at 7.30am. Everyone is welcome.

An Update: SMI Cross Country, an event we cherish, is scheduled to be held on Saturday, March 3, 2007. Time: 7.30am.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

MCO Public Concert 2007

Michaelian Chinese Orchestra (MCO) Public Concert 2007

Date: 24 March 2007
Theme: An Evening With Dragon's Melody
Venue: SMI School Hall
Ticket: RM10, RM20, RM50 and RM100.
Guest of Honour: Yg Bhg Dato Ong Ka Chuan,
Perak MCA chairman and
MCA secretary-general.

This splendid presentation, besides to rekindle its legacy and tradition, is also aimed to highlight MCO glorious existence for the past 40 years.

A true Michaelian pride, the MCO, which was founded by Brother Vincent Corkery, has performed in various successful school and public functions.

It is the first and the only Chinese Orchestra among the National Secondary schools in the state of Perak.

To name a few, events like ‘MCO Heritage Night’, Bro. Ultan Pauls’s Diamond Jubilee, MCO’s 30th Anniversary Celebration, The New Cultural Night, Millennium Night, Pictures at Exhibition and the recent Inter-school Solo Competition, had deniably brought honour and prestige to the school and the continuous survival of the rich Chinese culture.

Your generosity and strong support to pursue the Michaelian Agenda in celebrating the cultural diversityis welcome. The proceeds from the concert are utilized to purchase new musical instrument to replace the old dilapidated ones.

For details, call the school at 05-2540418.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Blessing Of the New Primary School


Mr Adrian Tsen, OMA President just notified through SMS that the blessing of the new primary school building will take place on Saturday 17 February 2007 at 10am. It is going to be a very meaningful and significant affair.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Being Bullied In School?


What is bullying? Bullying is when someone keeps doing or saying things to have power over another person. Some of the ways they bully other people are by: calling them names, saying or writing nasty things about them, leaving them out of activities, not talking to them, threatening them, making them feel uncomfortable or scared, taking or damaging their things, hitting or kicking them, or making them do things they don't want to do. Have any of these things happened to you? Have you done any of these things to someone else? Really, bullying is wrong behaviour which makes the person being bullied feel afraid or uncomfortable. Why do some people bully? There are a lot of reasons why some people bully. They may see it as a way of being popular, or making themselves look tough and in charge.
Some bullies do it to get attention or things, or to make other people afraid of them. Others might be jealous of the person they are bullying. They may be being bullied themselves.Some bullies may not even understand how wrong their behaviour is and how it makes the person being bullied feel.
Why are some young people bullied? Some young people are bullied for no particular reason, but sometimes it's because they are different in some way - perhaps it's the colour of their skin, the way they talk, their size or their name. Sometimes young people are bullied because they look like they won't stand up for themselves.

Go to for further reading.

Fear Not! Let Your Discipline Masters Mr Chong Weng Sung, Mr Rajan, Mr Sathianathan and Mr Khiew know about your problems.

E-mail to so that we are aware of things happening to you in school.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Michaelian Magazine 2006


The 2006 school magazine is scheduled for arrival at St Michael's on Feb 14, 2007. Expected to be breezier, more exciting and power packed with dozens of interesting and highly enjoyable articles, the magazine continues to function as a well-documented piece of work which one will cherish for many, many years.

For details, call the school at +605-2540418.

Monday, February 05, 2007

St Michael's Primary School Is Ready

Will be named "Brother U Paul Memorial"
Excellent architectual, exquisite designs

The Old and The New

The St Michael's Primary School block located behind the secondary school is ready for occupancy. Students will be shifting over there in batches from this week. Teachers are equally excited but the school community remembers the old primary school for its faithful and strong presence in churning out formidable Michaelians.
It was in 1957, the primary section began an independant unit with Mr Lim Guan Choe as the first headmaster. As enrolment kept increasing, it became necessary for another primary school, hence the opening of Primary School 2. It shared the same facility as Primary One. Mr Teh Swee Kang was appointed as St Michael's Primary 2 first headmaster.
The old premises WILL not be demolished yet as they will temporarily accommodate students from the Secondary school. Reason - A place to study while waiting for the roof to be replaced. After that, the classrooms will be flatten and the area will be made into a field for outdoor activities.
Update from SMI !

An Old Boy Walks Down Memory Lane

Class of 1958 - En Adnan is standing 4th from right (1st Row)

Happy To See You Again Brother.... (En Adnan & Brother Vincent)

After more than 47 years, Encik Adnan Idris,64, was back at his alma mater, St Michael's. Starting school in Form One in 1956, En Adnan remembers vividly he had to walk for 6km daily from his uncle's house at Jalan Lahat to school. It was tedious but his tenacity to obtain knowledge far outweighed the burden he had to shoulder that time.
He recalled the fatherly figure in Brother Pius Kelly who was the director then. "He was a caring man and a natural leader. An exceptionally composed and a man of few words, Brother Pius is someone I fondly remember," he said.
To quote an incident, En Adnan shared: "Once a boy was reading a comic, placing it behind his text book when the teacher was teaching. Brother Pius, during his rounds, saw this. He calmly walked towards the boy from behind, closed the boy's eyes with both his hands. The boy, thought that the hands belonged to his friend, hit them. He looked behind and never played the trick again.
En Adnan and his friends liked badminton during his time. "I played with my friends at the badminton court behind the main block. Then a petite boy came over and politely asked them to stop, saying "That's not the way to play badminton. Let me teach you some steps". A few years later, that boy brought home to Malaysia the Thomas Cup. He was Ng Boon Bee.
(The powerful combination of Ng and and Tan Yee Khan brought glory to the nation. Tan is also a Michaelian).
En Adnan will never forget Brother Vincent Corkery when he was the discipline master and the sub-director. "Brother walked around a lot with his cane. Those days, Brother would go after boys who shaved completely bald and those who liked tight-fitting pants, a trend which was not allowed. The yanky ones were regularly summoned for disciplinary actions'.
After completed school in 1960 (after sitting for his Senior Cambridge), En Adnan applied to the Veterinary Dept. He was offered a post as a veterinary assistant. The job took him to many countries overseas.
In 1976, En Adnan was sent to New Zealand to study Dairy Technology under the Colombo Plan Bursary. In 1985, he was promoted to the post of Assistant Veterinary Officer, a post he held until his optional retirement in 1995 to join "MajuPerak" as a Project Manager.
Forever grateful to the school, En Adnan said SMI had instilled in him perseverance, self-discipline and the spirit of hardwork. "I am very grateful to all, including the LaSallian brothers and teachers for their tireless efforts.
Note: Puan Zeti Akhtar Adnan, his daughter, teaches English in St Michael's. Like her father, she too speaks flawless English.

Form One students- Welcome to SMI !

On Jan 3, 2007,more than 370 Form One students from five schools enrolled at St Michael's. The school continues to receive students from SK La Salle, Canning Garden, SK Manjoi 2, SK Panglima Bukit Gantang and SK St Michael 1 & 2.

The next few days after the Orientation Programme, the school continued to register students from schools all over Ipoh including those from SRJK Yuk Choy, SRJK Poi Lam and SRJK Gunung Rapat. During the programme, students were briefed on the school history, the Michaelian Agenda, school culture and the LaSalle brothers. Parents who turned up that day were obviously impressed with the overall aspects of the school.

SMI spots a new landscape

St Michael's currently spots a breezier and more relaxing landscape with the planting of more palm trees, shrubs and shady plants. Students have greatly benefitted from the greenery while a view from the main road lends majestic and a touch of grandeur to the school building.

The SMI Theme For 2007

Themed "Quality Michaelians- The Engine For Future Success", SMI boldly treads into the year 2007 with confidence, perseverance and a high level of resilience. Recognising our needs to do well academically and co-academically, teachers, students and parents alike will work closely together to achieve a world standard entity, in line with our ideals of Faith, Zeal and Community.

St Michael's ~Creme de la Creme~

St Michael's Institution has been nominated as a cluster school in thestate of Perak. It is one of the 23 secondary schools chosen by the Ministry of Education. Cluster schools are centres of excellence(within each school grouping) focusing on niche areas like music,sports, ICT, sciences, languages and special education. In other words, it is the creme de la creme of schools. For a start, 300 schools in the country will be in the pioneer group. Vetting process has to go through a special select committee comprising experts who will be established in going through applications and shortlist them for final approval.