Thursday, February 22, 2007

2006 SMI School Magazine Is Out

"The Michaelian", the annual school magazine of St Michael's Institution, Ipoh is out. The successful production and publication of the magazine is strongly credited to the team of committed and zealous school administrators helmed by Mr Phoon Chong Chee and his senior assistants, teacher advisers and students.

The 288-page magazine, themed "Aspiring Michaelians For A Borderless World", is a magazine produced for all Michaelians -- old Michaelians and present Michaelians alike.

Flipping through a few pages -- I clearly note that SMI continues to salute and honour the luminaries, the LaSallian brothers, the Old Michaelians Association and the OMA Klang Alumni.

LaSallians and Michaelians....Green and White Unite!

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Peter Khiew said...

School leavers (post SPM and post STPM )who have paid for the magazines can look for Mr Ravindran to have the magazines collected. Do so on the day of official announcement of the respective results.