Monday, February 05, 2007

An Old Boy Walks Down Memory Lane

Class of 1958 - En Adnan is standing 4th from right (1st Row)

Happy To See You Again Brother.... (En Adnan & Brother Vincent)

After more than 47 years, Encik Adnan Idris,64, was back at his alma mater, St Michael's. Starting school in Form One in 1956, En Adnan remembers vividly he had to walk for 6km daily from his uncle's house at Jalan Lahat to school. It was tedious but his tenacity to obtain knowledge far outweighed the burden he had to shoulder that time.
He recalled the fatherly figure in Brother Pius Kelly who was the director then. "He was a caring man and a natural leader. An exceptionally composed and a man of few words, Brother Pius is someone I fondly remember," he said.
To quote an incident, En Adnan shared: "Once a boy was reading a comic, placing it behind his text book when the teacher was teaching. Brother Pius, during his rounds, saw this. He calmly walked towards the boy from behind, closed the boy's eyes with both his hands. The boy, thought that the hands belonged to his friend, hit them. He looked behind and never played the trick again.
En Adnan and his friends liked badminton during his time. "I played with my friends at the badminton court behind the main block. Then a petite boy came over and politely asked them to stop, saying "That's not the way to play badminton. Let me teach you some steps". A few years later, that boy brought home to Malaysia the Thomas Cup. He was Ng Boon Bee.
(The powerful combination of Ng and and Tan Yee Khan brought glory to the nation. Tan is also a Michaelian).
En Adnan will never forget Brother Vincent Corkery when he was the discipline master and the sub-director. "Brother walked around a lot with his cane. Those days, Brother would go after boys who shaved completely bald and those who liked tight-fitting pants, a trend which was not allowed. The yanky ones were regularly summoned for disciplinary actions'.
After completed school in 1960 (after sitting for his Senior Cambridge), En Adnan applied to the Veterinary Dept. He was offered a post as a veterinary assistant. The job took him to many countries overseas.
In 1976, En Adnan was sent to New Zealand to study Dairy Technology under the Colombo Plan Bursary. In 1985, he was promoted to the post of Assistant Veterinary Officer, a post he held until his optional retirement in 1995 to join "MajuPerak" as a Project Manager.
Forever grateful to the school, En Adnan said SMI had instilled in him perseverance, self-discipline and the spirit of hardwork. "I am very grateful to all, including the LaSallian brothers and teachers for their tireless efforts.
Note: Puan Zeti Akhtar Adnan, his daughter, teaches English in St Michael's. Like her father, she too speaks flawless English.

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