Monday, February 05, 2007

St Michael's Primary School Is Ready

Will be named "Brother U Paul Memorial"
Excellent architectual, exquisite designs

The Old and The New

The St Michael's Primary School block located behind the secondary school is ready for occupancy. Students will be shifting over there in batches from this week. Teachers are equally excited but the school community remembers the old primary school for its faithful and strong presence in churning out formidable Michaelians.
It was in 1957, the primary section began an independant unit with Mr Lim Guan Choe as the first headmaster. As enrolment kept increasing, it became necessary for another primary school, hence the opening of Primary School 2. It shared the same facility as Primary One. Mr Teh Swee Kang was appointed as St Michael's Primary 2 first headmaster.
The old premises WILL not be demolished yet as they will temporarily accommodate students from the Secondary school. Reason - A place to study while waiting for the roof to be replaced. After that, the classrooms will be flatten and the area will be made into a field for outdoor activities.
Update from SMI !


Infectioner said...

Glad to hear about the completion of the building. Too bad I can't enjoy the facility :(

Lee Wei Seong said...

Thank you for the photos of the school. The teachers and students will have a conducive atmosphere togehter. May everyone treasure this property with warmth and love throughout the years.

Aaron said...

A word of congrats to all Michaelians and everyone who contributed in making the completion of building a success! Viva La Sallian!