Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Formidable Michaelian Debaters!

From left (Harkirath Singh, Jon Silendra, Kavesunder and Johnathan Diyou)

In a brilliant display of debating prowess, SMI debaters brought cheers and honour to the school by thrashing Methodist Girls School, Ipoh in the 1st round of the Taylor's College Inter-School Debate Tournament.
Four schools took part in the tournament--SMI, Main Convent, Ipoh, Tarcisian Convent Ipoh and MGS.
Tomorrow, SMI faces Main Convent in the final. (Fri, 29 Mar at MC)
The Rotary Club of Ipoh is also organising similar event.
On Mar, 23 during the preliminary round SMI beat Main Convent Ipoh. SMI team was undoubtedly more polished and better prepared. During the semi final yesterday (28 March 2007), SMI had to face Anderson School, Ipoh. Our boys were able to convince the adjudicators again. Our debater Jon Silendra was named as the best speaker.
On Friday, Mar 30, in the final, SMI boys will be at the battle field with the Tarcisian Convent girls.
Venue: Chin Woo Hall, Jalan Hussein, Ipoh. Time: 7pm.
"It is my aspiration to see fellow Michaelians do well. The boys are well-groomed this time around as those selected have gone through a tough filtration process," said Mr Waran, when asked about his style of management.
Mr Waran's motto to them is - Give The Best, Expect The Best.

Note: I acknowledge Mr N. Palaiswaran (Mr Waran) and Mr A. Thederajan (Mr Rajan) for their excellent coaching and superb grooming in producing these competent debaters.

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