Friday, March 23, 2007

Homecoming For Koo Kien Keat

Cheered by some 1500 Michaelians, Koo Kiet Keat inspired the students by telling them it was the Michaelian spirit within him that propelled him to great victory. He said every Michaelian should work hard to achieve personal victory and to continue lifting the Michaelian flag high.
Koo said wherever he goes, he has never failed to mention his alma mater whenever he had the opportunity. For him, SMI represents his numerous victories in badminton and his homecoming this time is to acknowledge the good works carried out by the LaSallian brothers, the school heads and the teachers.
Talking to reporters later at a press conference, Koo said he cherished the school for grooming him to be who he is today. "I will never forget St Michael's because this is a school I learn humility and how to honour those who have sacrificed for me," he said.
His short visit had indeed impacted the school community.


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