Monday, March 19, 2007

How cheerful and thankful they are!

St Michael's primary school boys have already occupying the new building block, with so much space to run and play. The classrooms are spacious and the canteen (which is not operational yet) is currently used to congregate the boys before they line up in a single file to proceed to their respective classes.

Happy faces can be seen on virtually all the boys and teachers. The staff room, contrary to the previous one which was cramp and stuffy, is conducive and roomy. Now the teachers are having a table each compared with two teachers to a table previously. Even parking bays are provided for the teaching staff.

Talked to four Year Six boys - Ian Lim, Pan Jenn Han, Cheong Keng Hoe and Jacob Phang.

"We thank those people who made the new school possible", said Ian.

"My classmates and I can study better now. We are targetting for good results in our UPSR", said Pan.

"My headmaster said the building is made possible through the efforts of the old boys. We do not know who they are but I want to thank them. When I grow up, I also want to help my school", said Cheong.

Jacob said," This place is nice. My friends and I want to keep it that way".

Note: Thank you very much Brother Vincent Corkery for your efforts and time in approaching individuals, far and near, with your words of wisdom, your power of persuasion and your kind words. We remember the old boys, the OMA helmed by Mr Adrian Tsen and SMI Alumni Klang Valley headed by Dr Chin Yoong Kheong, the Board of Governors, all benefactors, parents and individuals for their tremendous love for the school and the strong Michaelian spirit that burns within.

These are the people who have made our dream possible and our vision realised.

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