Sunday, March 25, 2007

MCO Concert -- An Astounding Success!

The public concert by the Michaelian Chinese Orchestra, held to commemorate its 40th anniversary on Saturday, Mar 24, was officiated by Dato' Chew Wai Khoon, the state assemblyman of Tebing Tinggi.
He represented state MCA chief Dato' Ong Ka Chuan.
Chew also announced an allocation of RM5000 for the MCO on behalf of Ong.

In his speech, he praised the MCO and the school for the initiative in organising a concert of high standard to promote Chinese classical music. And the very fact that SMI, being a national school, could produce such students is worthy of mention.

caption: Datuk Chew officiating the concert. On the right is
principal Mr Phoon Chong Chee.

From right: Datuk Chew, Mr See Tean Seng (state assemblyman
for Kuala Sepetang, former teacher and counsellor of SMI),
Mr Phoon and Dr Mamjunder.

The strokes of a master... Timothy Chee

One of the highlights of that night was "Mu Min Xin Ke" when Master Timothy Chee, armed with just a container of black paint, a brush and a paint roller, succeeded in the creation of a 4-metre dragon on a canvas. The final touch to the painting was completed in just 5 minutes after he creatively sprinkled some green, blue and gold dust on the still wet paint. As an appreciation to Datuk Ong Ka Chuan, the painting will be delivered to his office in two weeks.

The other slots worth mentioning are "Fang Sheng De Re Zhe- Full Orchestra" and Once Upon A Time In China - Wushu.
The lion dance, conducted by our very own Michaelians, had indeed created an atmosphere befitted our school theme this year, "Quality Michaelians - The Engine For Future Success".

The boys behind the vibrance of the dragon dance.

Teachers worthy of mention in the brilliant organisation of the concert -- Puan Chia and Ms Corinne Mah. I must thank the students for their untiring efforts and time in ensuring the success of this splendid performance.


Rinne said...

peter, let's not forget pn lee seok chean's effort!

cORRINNe said...

have started to spread the word to my students encouraging them to check out ur blog. hopefully that will bring a greater level of awareness to the going ons in smi. one of my form 6 student was impressed with the photos you posted. maybe more so of her own friends' during kkk's visit!