Monday, March 12, 2007

Official Release of SPM 2006

(1) Top scorers Kao, Wardi, Lam, Lee and Teh.
(2) Michaelians lining up for their exam slips.
(3) A time to network and talk about future plans

Time: 10.30am
Date: 12 March 2007
Venue: School Hall
St Michael's Institution here churns out nine straight As students in last year's SPM.
Topping the list is Lee Xing Ju, 17, who scored 10A1.

Another top scorer Lam Weng Hoong, bagged home 9A1 and 1A2. Others are Teh Sek Yee (9A1, 2A2), Kao Wei Xiang (8A1 , 3A2) and Wardi Syazwi Safferi (9A1, 1A2), Navin Gunasagran (10A1, 1A2), Ng Kok Weng (9A1, 2A2) and Joshan Kyrashq (6A1, 4A2).
Navin, a school debater and tennis player, currently takes a course in Finance Studies in University of Melbourne, Australia. His parents turned up at SMI to take his results.

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Aaron said...

my warmest congratulations to the top scorers for making it...i wish everyone all the best in their future undertakings...i leave you with a saying "when one door closes, another door opens".
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