Thursday, March 15, 2007

SMI Glitters With Top STPM Scorers!

Eleven Michaelians scored straight As in their 2006 STPM, with one being called up by the ministry to meet up with the chairman of the Malaysian Examination Council (MEC), Ministry of Education.

Saw Vee-Liem, who obtained 5As, received a telephone call a day earlier to receive his commendation certificate from the MEC in Kuala Lumpur. He was accompanied by principal Mr Phoon Chong Chee. Vee-Liem is listed to be one of the best scorers in the country.

The breakdown:
5As - Tham Wai Hoe, Yap Voon Lip & Chan Chun Keat

4As - Cheh Siew Loong, Teh Chin Wen, Chua Soo Lim, Lee Sung Way, Leong Kar Yan,
Chan Guan Hua & Yvonne Lee Ling Xin.

Congratulations from us in St Michael's.
caption: Pix 1 ..The jubilant top scorers and their teachers .
Pix 2: Tham Wai Hoe and his supportive father Tham Kin Heng.


kintung said...

STPM - 18 months of sweet and sour... If you asked me if i regret going to form 6, i would easily answer you "no". Form 6 is the 2 years i enjoy the most in my high-school life. It was also the only time where i look forward going to school and enjoying my time even though during the many exams i had. One of the hardest part to go through was that in form 6 there is a lot of test going on. I even had times where my whole month is filled with test and quizzes. Tuition isn't a must honestly. Form 6 is also the time where i realise three hours is like 3 minutes. Most of my papers are three hours, and i am still rushing for it. So , three hours is nothing to me now. Time flies. I had a lot of fun in form 6 and being the eldest in the school. Thank you so much to Michaelian teachers. Without them, I won't achieve in the STPM 2006.

vinshen said...

congratulations to everyone who received their stpm results!