Sunday, March 18, 2007

SMI Grand Campfire 07 was a tremendous success

from top:
a. Guides from 4th unit, 7th & 8th coy Main Convent Ipoh.
b. Scouts from Kinta 01- ACS Ipoh.
c. Master Timothy Chee with senior instructors from Singapore.
d. The group from Singapore.
e. The troop from SMJK Yuk Choy Unit 72nd.
f. Mr Woon Fook Sim lighting up the symbolic fire to officially open the campfire.
g. The historical ceremony on the school field.

Some 800 scouts and guides from Ipoh, including those from Seremban and Petaling Jaya joined in the celebrations. Nineteen scouts from the Beatty Beaver Scout Group of Beatty Secondary School Singapore also lent a touch of comradeship and fellowship at the get-together.
Master Timothy Chee and Master Thomas Choo, hailed as Veteran Scout Masters who brought scouting in St Michael's to its pinnacle, were accorded a grand welcome and superb recognition by the present Kinta 02 scouts.

Both masters were instrumental in producing 31 king scouts in 1972, an effort which brought great glory to SMI and the state of Perak.

Producing king scouts is a tedious, arduous and rigorous process.
A scout is evaluated and made to undergo King Scout Code of Conduct Examination which consists of 5 components which are Responsibility, Expedition, Community, Activity and Independence.
This evaluation is either done in a camp (3 days 2 nights) organized by the district or state level or done as part of a 5 day 4 night expedition. Either way, all the 5 components must be covered.
Once a candidate passed the King Scout Code of Conduct, he qualifies for the King Scout Standardization Camp, a 3 day 2 nights organized by his respective State King Scout Standardizers.
It involves solo camping and making campcraft (minimum 20 gadgets), pioneering, first aid, foot and stave drills, backwoodsman cooking and handicraft making.Then the King's Scout Candidate will receive a Bushman's Thong which is self-made. Once passed, the prestigious King Scout certificate is signed by every king/sultan from all 9 states of Malaysia as well as signed and presented personally by the Sultan of the state to the recipient at the palace.

The campfire was a tremendous success judging by the huge turnout of participants, former scouts and the spirit of unity, comradeship and brotherhood demonstrated throughout the entire event.
My verdict: An A+ to William Liew (chief senior instructor), all senior instructors, Liew Kei Yan (Troop Leader) and all Kinta 02 scouts. Bravo to everyone.

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great job lads!
wish i was there

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