Thursday, March 22, 2007

A Wonderful Message From Brother Vincent!

Below is my e-mail to Brother Vincent. I believe many Michaelians would like to hear from our dear and loving Brother.

The e-mail I sent on March 21, 2007 -- Brother Vincent, kindly pen your thoughts and kind words to all readers of my blog esp our old boys, former teachers and the LaSallian fraternity. I must say that many would like to hear from you Brother. Thank you.

Note: It took barely eight hours for his reply to come through. Appreciate your message Brother and on behalf of our readers out there, my heartfelf thanks.

Dear Michaelians,

I wish to congratulate Peter Khiew on his delightful initiative, a longstanding dream come true. Few have his range of gifts for such a venture, fewer still can measure up to his level of personal commitment and dedication. Many thanks to Peter.
I wish also to extend a greeting to the increasing number of Michaelians who are logging on to keep abreast of developments in our Michaelian world.

Be assured that the school continues to compete with the best in all fields, and the public performance by our Michaelian Chinese Orchestra this weekend is a sign that we excel even where not everyone can follow.

Peter, despite his many other commitments, has kept you up to date on important developments such as the new primary building and the replacement of the roof of our main building.

This latter project is taking 4 months to complete and involves a massive dislocation of classes. As always Michaelians learn to adjust with a smile.

I wish to place on record our deep appreciation to all our benefactors who came forward so readily and generously in our hour of need. God bless them one and all.

Every blessing to you and all dear to you.


Brother Vincent

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