Monday, April 09, 2007

Blessing of the new primary school building

Wrote to Brother Vincent Corkery about the blessing of the new building and here's the reply. Tks Brother for the write-up and Brother Matthew Bay for the shots.

The blessing of the primary building took place Saturday 17 February, just before Chinese New Year. [The classes were scheduled to move in directly after Chinese New Year]
The blessing was performed by Father Michael Cheah from St Michael's Church. It was a simple ceremony.
After the simple prayers, Father Michael Cheah went from floor to floor sprinkling holy water.

Brother Vincent spoke briefly to thank Fr Cheah as well as others who attended.
Fr Cheah said it was for him a special privilege as an old Michaelian and referred to his happy years as an SMI student. Dato' Seri Lee Oi Hian attended with some Board members, as well Mr Adrian Tsen, OMA President together with several OMA members. Present also was Mr Lee Lan Seng, the architect of the new building, who gave his services free of charge.
By Brother Vincent Corkery

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