Tuesday, April 10, 2007

An e-mail from an Old Boy to all Michaelians

Mr. Peter Khiew,

I have been quite a frequent visitor of your blog and I thank you very much for keeping us past students on the development and happenings in St. Michael's Institution.
Being a former debater myself, I cannot help expressing how happy and proud I am that SMI has once again become champions in the Rotary Club Debates, although I could not attend even the Finals of the debates. It shows how committed our students are in such activities to preserve the Michaelian tradition. Our ex-principal, Mr. Louis Rozario Doss, had been a wonderful debater and is still a man who is able to put forth definitions and points as an experienced debater. Credit must be given to him also for helping the debaters all the time while he was in service. He had provided various types of definitions, points and tactics on how to deal with a certain motion.
The new primary school building, to me, is indeed a great display of "Faith, Zeal and Community". Although the construction of the new school consumes a great budget, we were all faithful that it will be built and completed. Although I do not return to Ipoh so often due to my studies in Universiti Teknologi Petronas (in which I am currently pursuing my Civil Engineering studies), I am always fascinated by the majestic look of the new primary school every time I drive past the school. Its style is very reminiscent of the U Paul Block, which I think simply suits the architecture of the secondary school.
In this e-mail, Mr. Khiew, I must express how thankful I am to have been enrolled into St. Michael's since I was in Standard 1 back in 1994/1995. Looking back into the past, I feel blessed and fortunate to be in SMI because of the great Michaelian community. I have always enjoyed being able to approach teachers easily for questions or even for a normal conversation. During my five years studying in SMI, my teachers have never disappointed me, and they have been very helpful to me.
I remember the days when I was involved in the annual school drama. Sir, in university, I have always boasted about the rich tradition of our school drama. Together with another coursemate of mine, we have even come up with an idea to have a drama performance even in this university. It is an activity that has not been taken up before in a large scale!
The school drama, whose pioneer was the late Rev. Bro. Ultan Paul, has indeed come a long way. It has never ceased to marvel me at how great the response from the public is when the school announces that we are going to have a drama performance in around August. And it has never ceased to excite me about the next upcoming drama. I am indeed delighted that the drama tradition has been upheld until today.
Sir, it is indeed an honour for me to be studying and serving the school for the past eleven years. However, I must admit that the last five years in St. Michael's Institution were the best years of my academic life. Under the leadership of Mr. Louis, I have witnessed various changes in the school, namely: the pavillion, the covered pathway, the new lavatory, the renovated lecture theatre, the renovated cafeteria and many more, just to name a few. The new primary school building is the mega-project of SMI whose seeds were sown by Mr. Louis and the good work was carried out and completed by Mr. Phoon Chong Chee.
In the end, I conclude that SMI continues to live as a symbol of faith, fraternity, zeal and academic excellence. I wish all teachers and staff of SMI all the best and especially healthy. The same goes to Rev. Bro. Vincent Corkery, who still loves the school as himself.
God bless you all.
~Quis Ut Deus~~Indivisa Manent~~Signum Fidei~
Yours sincerely,
Yew Guo Zheng (Henry)
Secondary E-mail: henry_yew@yahoo.co.uk

Thank you, Guo Zheng for the wonderful and inspiring message. Visit us often as this blog is created and designed for all Michaelians to fellowship and network.
Signing off, Peter Khiew

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