Sunday, April 15, 2007

Mid Year Exams Are Coming!

Looking confident and composed. That's Michaelian spirit!

Students are preparing for the mid-year exams which start from April 30, 2007 to May 11, 2007.
The library is crowded and the school atmosphere has begun to get "academic" whereby students can be seen doing revisions and staying back for discussions.

Teachers are preparing questions and ensure that all topics are adequately covered.
As for me, I am also preparing my students for their English, literature and arts. (Visual Arts Studies). All the best to all!


kintung said...

Exam is a part of life in every Michaelians. We do have monthly exams, mid-term and final term exams too.
Majority of the students are spending 5 years in St Michael's, or even 7 years and of course it isn't a short term at all. Thus, it's very important for every Michaelians to keep and protect in secure all the examination papers such as the answer and the question sheets.
When I entered Form 1 in the year 2000, Mr Louis had been telling all the Michaelians to do so. Sometimes he might went class by class to check rubbish bin or under the table whether if the students threw the papers at there. If they caught in doing it, certainly a stroke of cane will be given to them.
Keeping all the past examination papers isn't a meaningless thing to do so. It shows our individual respect towards the question papers, and the person who did the questions for the students. Thats why i had been keeping all the question and answer papers safely in the cupboard since Form 1 until my Upper Sixth Form.
I hope that all Michaelians do aware regarding on this matter and this awareness should be bear in mind of everyone. This tradition and practice should be well maintained. Do not throw all the past examination papers, but KEEP IT.
It's useless if the school has the first class facilities however the mind of the students are in the third class mentalities. They should learn how to appreciate and show their respect towards something.
Learn it from the beginning, at St Michael's.

Kin Tung Wong

Henry Yew said...

To all Michaelians,
I wish you every success in your examinations. Strive hard to pursue a bright and fruitful future.

Nevertheless, don't forget to play, too! Play hard and study smart!

Henry Yew Guo Zheng