Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Preparations for SMI's 80th Sports Day In Full Gear

Students have been practising hard for the past two weeks.

Michaelians are looking forward eagerly for their 80th Sports Day tomorrow (Thursday) at 7.30am which will be held at Stadium Perak. This will be a different but nevertheless an auspicious celebration as the school has traditionally holds its annual Sports Day on the school field. Another reason is the school building is currently undergoing a massive repair work.

From morning until the late evening, students are perfecting their formations and march past skills for the inter-class competition to see which class can deliver the best. Students are also coming up with exceptionally creative designs for their class flags. Some are rushing against time and working hard to get the flags painted at least by today.

However, it is still the Michaelian spirit which prompts the students to participate so enjoyably in the march past. Unlike other schools which only allow uniformed bodies and selected students to take part in the glorious march, SMI allows all students, including "the lost, the last and the least" to feel honoured and be a part of the great Michaelian heritage.

"Quality Michaelians, The Engine For Future Success" is the theme for the sports meet this year.

From St Michael's, my greetings to all.

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