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"A School I Truly Cherish" - Cikgu Meor

Reported for work in January 1977, Cikgu Meor - or fondly remembered by his colleagues as Brother Meor (as he had stayed in the school dormitory with the LaSallian brothers)- instantly had a strong feeling that St Michael's was somehow special.
He knew he could serve long here as the teachers, principals, parents and students were different. All were imbued with a unique brotherly bond, a distinctive LaSallian heritage and a close attachment with the school.
SMI, testifies Cikgu Meor, is a school which inculcates the rich LaSallian concept of leadership based on love and concern for those under its care, particularly for the marginalised.
The values were clearly demonstrated in all the principals whom Cikgu Meor had served under - Brother Ultan Paul, Brother Vincent Corkery, Mr Chong Suan Ee, Mr K. Balasubramaniam, Mr Teh Chor Aun and Mr Louis Rozario Doss, whom he describes as highly committed and had brought immense changes to the school.
Cikgu Meor's many encounters with the principals had one similarity - they possessed great understanding, amiable personalities and caring hearts.
"All of them were extremely generous with their kind words. They worked well with virtually everyone and their diplomatic approaches had won them strong support from benefactors, teachers and students in their years as principals", said Cikgu Meor.

During his time, SMI was at its golden and glorious years as many world class players were produced. Master Noel Oliveiro had groomed a pool of hockey greats like Foo Keat Seong, Charles David and Mohd Hadi.
Cikgu Meor said SMI, in the 70s and early 80s, was also excelling in water polo, cricket and rugby - Mr Choo Ah Chye's style of coaching had managed to put our rugby team in the National League for Premier Schools.
"Talking about hockey, it came as a pleasant surprise that Noel has agreed to train our young Michaelians in hockey. It's high time to bring home the trophies," he said.
Born in 1951, Cikgu Meor was studying in SMJK Slim River, Perak until his Form Five in 1970 after which he continued his Sixth Form in SMK Anderson in 1971.
A bright Malay literature student, the young Meor pursued his degree in Literature (Universiti Malaya) from 1973 to 1975. He did a year in Diploma in Education before being posted to SMI. It was the first school he was posted to and it is also his last port of call.
Cikgu Meor's loyalty to St Michaels' is undivided. He has turned down a few promotions which required him to serve in other schools included one, two years ago, as a principal in a secondary school in Teluk Intan.
"It is a joy serving here. I will always support SMI and one way of doing it is to continue serving here" he said.

Cikgu Meor, in fulfilling his religious obligation, went to Mecca in 1990. Three years after that, Tuan Haji Meor ended his bachelorhood when at 42, he tied the knot.
He went to the principal's office wanting to get Mr Balasubramaniam's permission to use the hall.
"Can I use the school hall for an event?", asked Cikgu Meor.
"No you can't. It is booked", said the principal. "It's OK, Sir. Looks like I have to use another place for my wedding," said Cikgu Meor.
"Wait here. You mean you are getting married? In our school hall? That's marvelous. I will get the boys to decorate the hall for you," said Mr Bala.
Cikgu Meor and his wife are blessed with five children. He now drives a Toyota Avanza, a vehicle he bought to accommodate the size of his family.
Still a composed and soft-spoken man, Cikgu Meor said Michaelians are different as they live and study in a culture which is built over the decades.
"Michaelians know their roots and understand how the school had gone through thick and thin to attain its present status. That's why our old boys still come back to reminisce their years in the school. They want to feel connected," he said.
Retiring in July 2007, Cikgu Meor's legacy in SMI continues. His junior, his youngest son Syamil will bear the torch Cikgu Meor has been carrying for the past 30 years.
Syamil is in Year One, St Michael's primary Two.
"Looks like my presence will still be felt very strongly in SMI even after I have retired," said Cikgu Meor.
"I will miss St Michael's - an institution which breeds heroes and real men".


kintung said...

A Michaelian teacher with simplicity.
All the time I was in St.Michael's, especially taking charge of the school coop store, Tn Hj Meor had given me a lot of support and always gave me his helping hands all the time.
With his support and guidance, i managed to run out the activities smoothly and successfully.
Thanks a lot to Tn Hj Meor.
He is superb and excellent enough, just like our beloved former principal Mr Louis Rozario.
In the year 2003, Mr Louis Rozario gave a sentence to everyone in the assembly. He said ' Once a Michaelian, always a Michaelian'. So, no matter who and where we are, our identity as Michaelians will be remained forever.
Tn Hj Meor is one of the Michaelian teacher that shown the true Michaelian spirit, and I do hope that not only Tn Hj Meor, but all the educators in St Michael's will be able to have the spirit.
Being an educator in SMI is different than in other schools, whereby SMI is a school which has 2600 students having one spirit together. A 'family'.
Therefore, it's very important for the educators to have the spirit too, just like Tn Hj Meor. They should teach with care, trust, and responsible.
Tn Hj Meor is the perfect role model for every educators in SMI. Learn it from him.

Kin Tung Wong
USA1 2006

~ CORRINNE MAH ~ said...

an inspirational service, Tn Hj Meor!

AOCY said...

all the best tn. haji meor!