Friday, April 06, 2007

Started and Ended with a Bang!

A highly successful sports meet. The pictures tell it all. A wonderful feeling to see the Michaelian spirit is very much alive in SMI.

St Michael's pride -- Michaelian Military Band members in full action.
The incredible formations performed by students.
The ever-ready St John's Ambulance members on stand by.

Great to be here! From left Michael Lee, new PIBG chairman, Adrian Tsen and Brother Vincent Corkery.

Milo Man ensures Michaelians get the much-needed fortified drink.

Brother Vincent presenting a medal to school runner, Ivan Goh.

During tea break for the guests......

"Come on. Admit it. You are still a hockey legend", Mr K. Balasubramaniam, former SMI principal (Jan 16, 1992 - Sept 30, 1994) seems to say to Master Noel Oliveiro, who produced hockey greats like Foo Keat Seong, Charles David and Mohd Hadi. After much persuasion by current principal Mr Phoon Chong Chee, Noel said, "I need at least two dozen of hockey balls and get the hockey turf booked at least twice a week". That means, Noel will be back to coach our boys. I believe his response will generate great excitement among Michaelians far and near.

The glorious days of hockey in St Michael's are set to make a comeback.

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