Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Current Conditions of the Old Primary School

It is expected that the old building be demolished as soon as secondary school students are back to the main building. That will take another two to three months depending on the overall works carried out.

As for now, Form One students to the bigger-sized Form Four and Form Five students are generally enduring the crampy classrooms, toilets, corridors and doors made for their younger comrades. When it rains, leaking roofs and disintegrated ceiling panels make them even more stressful.

Nevertheless, Michaelians, as Brother Vincent has said, "would just adjust with a smile". Lessons go on. Teachers enter classes and examinations are on-going. As many have proudly testified, "all these will make us tougher and more energized".

Afterall, the students are savouring every moment in the primary school before the blocks are gone! Viva Michaelians!

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