Friday, May 04, 2007

Examinations Fever in St Michael's

Some 1900 students from Form One to Upper Six are sitting for their mid-year examinations from May 3 to May 15, 2007. Form Three, Form Five and Form Six students are taking the exams seriously as the question formats are set and the papers marked according to the actual examinations. Our best wishes to them as they look forward in assessing their potentials.


Cho said...
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Cho said...

Anyo an anonymous korean....don wish to identify myself but i must say that im impressed by the students taking their examinations in's 1 example that i hv seen in the pictures that hv been posted in peter khiew's blogger....WOW even exams could be a fever...hahax!!!

here's 1 thing i would like to share...enjoy reading it...

Without blood, we have no heart
Without soul, we have no body
With faith,zeal and fraternity
We could fulfilled our lifes with prosperity!

kintung said...

kamsahamida cho.