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Michaelian Awards For Year 2007

Officially announced by KL Alumni president Dr Chin Yoong Kheong, the three awards presented to outstanding Michaelians for their shining leadership, personal endeavors, benevolence and strong entrepreneurship.
Caring Michaelian of The Year 2007

Brother Anthony Rogers, FSC

This distinguished individual has contributed a lot of his effort in caring for the under-privileged and the award is given in recognition of the work for the needy, the marginalized and the deprived. His contribution includes:
The work for the Office of Human Development of the Catholic Church;
His work for marginalized groups in Malaysia, principally migrant workers, drug addicts and the poor;
Arrested under Ops Lallang (ISA),but continues undeterred in his campaigning for human rights advances in Malaysia;
His dynamic leadership of the Catholic Welfare Services
He taught at St Anthony’s, Teluk Intan (1972-73),St Paul’s Institution, Seremban (1974-1976) and at St John’s Institution, Kuala Lumpur (1977-79).
1979 was the turning point in his life. He realized that his true mission lay outside the formal school system: it lay in the refugee camps at Pulau Bidong; it lay amidst the growing population of migrant and undocumented workers; it lay with youth in distress on the streets; it lay with the orang asli and the marginalized.
Our Caring Michaelian 2007 sought permission from his superiors to focus on the deprived, the marginalized and the needy outside the formal school system. He began to organize people to work for a more caring Malaysia. He was a familiar figure at university campuses organizing students to reach out to the needy. He helped them break out of their complacency and isolation to work for and with others for a better world.
Our Caring Michaelian 2007 Award goes to a Michaelian (1963-65) who has devoted his life towards seeking a new vision for our times. Born in Penang on 5th March 1949, this son of St Michael’s spent part of his formative years (1963 – 1965) at the Juvenate (Form1-3) at St Michael’s Institution, Ipoh.
Our Caring Michaelian 2007 deserves high praise for mobilizing Malaysian society to upgrade the welfare homes for the elderly particularly the Old Folks’ Home in Kampung Simee, Ipoh, which today is an exemplary model of excellence in the care of the elderly.
Mother Teresa once said: “If you open your hearts, you will find Calcutta very near you.” Our winner of the Most Caring Michaelian Award 2007 is Brother Anthony Rogers in recognition of his tireless and fearless efforts to open our hearts to the Calcutta that is very much in our midst in Malaysia.

Outstanding Michaelian of the Year 2007

Dato Prof Dr. Khoo Kay Kim is a well known Malaysian historian. He is currently the Professor Emeritus (History), University of Malaya. He was born in Kampar, Perak Darul Ridzuan on the 28 March, 1937. He Married to Datin Rathi and had 3 sons (Eddin Khoo, Rubin Khoo, Mavin Khoo).
Dato Prof Dr. Khoo Kay Kim had his early education in St Michael’s Institution. He attended the English school in the morning and Chinese school in the afternoon. He finished school in 1956 after completing Form 6. In 1960, he obtained BA (Hons) in history, from the University of Malaya, Singapore. Dato Prof Dr. Khoo Kay Kim obtained his MA History in 1967, University of Malaya, Singapore and in 1974, PhD History at the University of Malaya Kuala Lumpur.
His career profile started soon after graduation with a teaching post in Anglo Chinese School in Teluk Anson. His career path soon took off in the following sucesson:
In 1966, he took up the position as Tutor at the University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur.
In 1967, he became the Assistant Lecturer (temporary), University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur and soon after that, he took up the permanent position of Assistant Lecturer.
In July 1974, he was appointed Professor, University Of Malaya, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur.
In May 1973 to 1975 he was the Acting Head, History Department, University Of Malaya.
In May 1975 Professor, History Department University Of Malaya.
Dato Prof Dr. Khoo Kay Kim was honoured the J.S.M Johan Setia Mahkota in Jun 1983 and in April 1987 he was honoured the D.P.M.P., Darjah Paduka Mahkota Perak, which carries the title, Dato'.
His Publications include:
Transformation & Democratisation, by Khoo Kay Kim, Pelanduk Publications in 1971.
1992 - His Majesty Sultan Azlan Shah : Biography.
Dato Prof Dr. Khoo Kay Kim was also involved in various voluntary organisations and in September 4th,1995 as an Advisor, Malaysian University of Southern California Alumni (MUSCA). He was the Track-and-field Judge, South East Asia Peninsular Games (SEAP) in 1964. In Apr 1995 Director, Sports Centre (University Malaya). A well-known academician, Professor Khoo has written several books on history used by our school children.
Dato Prof Dr. Khoo Kay Kim reminisces his days in SMI as fun days. He was a science student but his love for sports set the path for his career and where he is today. He was the sports captain in 1956 and represented the school in the epic match against the Royal Scots Fusierliers, the top military team in the country then. Some of the members in the SMI football team then represented the country and this included Ng Boon Bee, who represented the country in badminton too. When he completed his Sixth Form, he find that it was difficult to pursue his love for sports and science at the same time when he had to stay back for lab work till 5:30 pm. Pursuing Arts gave greater flexibility! He pursued history and the rest is history!
Dato Prof Dr. Khoo Kay Kim is equally caring for the community at large and he has been spending time serving various non-profit organizations and currently, he is active in:
Institut Integriti Malaysia (IIM)
National Society Institute of Malaysia
Distinguished Fellow of the International Islamic University
He was once a fellow (1999 to 2000) of the Institute of Defence and Strategic Studies of the Nanyang Technological University of Singapore.

Michaelian Achiever of the Year 2007

Left SMI in 2000, after completing his Form 3 for the Bukit Jalil Sports School in recognition of his potential in badminton prowess. His early achievements were representing the country in both the men’s doubles and mixed doubles. His achievement took a significant leap forward when he was paired off with a new partner in October 2006, when they made their debut as a pair in the Japan Open. Since then, he together with his new partner has consistently reached the finals of every tournament except for the Korean Open (which they reached the semi-final). Here are the key achievements that he achieved, just over the past year:
Gold at the Doha Asian Games in December 2006
Malaysian Open Champion a month later (January 2007)
All England Doubles Champion in March 2007
Swiss Open Doubles Champion a week later
This Michaelian has formed a formidable pair that had beaten higher ranked pairs, outclassed experienced opponents and tamed the old hands in the game. He is just 22 years old and we expect more successes to come!
He is Koo Kien Keat!

Articles contributed by Dr Chin.

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