Sunday, May 20, 2007

SMI Gallery and Archive

The gallery has now been fixed with a new wooden door. The damaged windows have been replaced with specially-made tinted glass windows. The room is going to be air-conditioned, serving as a meeting room and an exhibit to showcase the myriad of historical items, currently having no place to be appreciated and admired. I salute the current school administration for a job well done in preserving the school heritage and legacy.


kintung said...

Thats my former classroom when I was in Form 4 & 5 in the year 2003-2004!
I hope there'll no one will be stopping me, questioning me ' who are you ?' and identify me as a stranger when the time i'm going to take a visit of that gallery probably in this week!


Kin Tung Wong

Peter Khiew said...

All Michaelians are welcome back to their Alma Mater anytime for official matters or just to say hello to your teachers. Show the guard your Library Card, irrespective of the year you were in school, just for identification purposes. Write down your name and step proudly into the school compound!

kintung said...

At last today ..
Around 1245pm, I headed towards the main entrance of the school, I greeted the school guard who I knew her already for many years and the school guard asked me 'why don't you just park your car inside?' .. I answered 'Tak baiklah, aunty'

I walked towards the parlour,and I was shocked that the way to there was sealed and blocked. So I turned a big round from the basketball court towards the office.

While I was walking, I greeted and said 'Hi' to every teachers that I met, as they still remembered me too. At the same time, my juniors who were passed by greeted me with a warmness.

Soon, I walked to the school office. Eh, I was so shocked to see the door, and I slided it, and I saw the office was renovated and upgraded with tiles and air-conditioned. I said to myself " Huh!!, Am I at the right place ?!"

Later on, I went to the principal and had a chat with him for around 50 minutes. At the same time, I requested for the sponsorship form for the coming school annual drama.
At 2pm sharp, I went down, and I walked passed the school hall. I heard Mr Peter Khiew was giving his speech and guidance to the lower secondary students.

At 230pm, I went to IIS to meet Mr Louis Rozario as I had called him earlier for an appointment. He changed a lot since the past few years that I saw. Getting thinner perhaps. From his outlook, he looked very tired, since he yawned more than 3 times in a minute which I never see before in my 7 years of schooling in SMI. I able to chat with him for 35minutes at his office. He touched a lot on the St.Michael's developments.

As I was given the sponsorship form for the drama, I'm looking forward to attend the function if I can make it. At the same time, I'm looking forward for the school's annual prize giving day.

May God bless those who had worked extremely hard for a greater development of St.Michael's.

Kin Tung Wong
USA1 2006

Matt said...

i read bout this i met 1 current upper six student..i ask him bout this...he say...what??i dont know i'm asking another current upper six student...she say the same actually how many people know this place exist?..isnt it a shame if a visitor come and ask the student about this and they dont know about this? admin should inform the student about this gallery...and can make it a part of the heritage week like the heritage play...the 2 student i mention is a school prefect and both involve in drama and heritage cant really say they not really involve with things in school