Thursday, May 24, 2007

SMI Toilet Earns Praises From Ipoh City Councillor

A news report (May 18, 2007) on enforcement officers going around petrol stations and restaurants in Ipoh issuing verbal warnings to those who do not keep their toilets clean. "Buck up or face summonses", were the words from Ipoh City Councillor T. Murugiah, in driving home the message that all school toilets would also be checked, starting with the toilet in St Michael's.

And he came, May 21 (Monday) with three enforcement officers. It was a pleasant surprise for him and his officers when they inspected our five-star toilet. Spick and span, no stench, not even a single piece of tissue paper on the floor and the mirror was sparkling clean. And for the "Old Smokehouse", it had also passed the test.

The councillor, who brought along journalists from the Chinese press and RTM, was equally impressed with the overall discipline of our boys. For him, the condition of the toilet says very much about the attitude, the values and the character of all Michaelians.

Note: The toilet was built in 2005. Brother Matthew Bay had effortlessly looked into the designs which are contemporary and of high practicality. The choice of colours of the wall and floor tiles, urinary, doors and others were also the efforts of Brother Matthew. The toilet, which is not suitable to be named after anyone, is simply called by Michaelians as " The Five-Star Toilet". It was made possible through proceeds of the annual school drama fund.


AOCY said...

great job smi...keep up da good work!

kintung said...

I'm kinda proud of it.
Even my friends / relatives asked me " hey, your SMI's toilet is very high class and beautiful as it published in the newspaper !"

Today, I went to KL for a scholarship interview. I was interviewed by the lecturer from the Department of Law as I'm applying for a course in that.
Once the professor viewed my certificates and testimonials, he said " Wow, you're from St.Michael's ? .. It's a very great school in Ipoh with its achievements and history"

I'm so proud that I'm the son of St.Michael's !!

Kin Tung Wong
USA1 2006

Gary said...

Dear Peter

Love this blog. Unfortunately the RSS doesn't work for this blog. Might wanna check out this problem?