Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Update on St Michael's

Happenings in St Michael's

1. A gallery is in the making in St Michael's. It will also serve as an archive and a referral point to the many rich historical aspects of the school. Located on the first floor of the main building, the gallery will showcase artifacts like trophies, medals, old books and magazines, posters and pictures of yesteryears. .....
more reports and pictures soon.

2. SMI staff room, which has been in existence for decades but undergoes little or no changes, will see at least some construction works carried out at the end of the year--to make teachers more comfortable. Some extensions are in the pipeline to add in at least another 25 tables for teachers. A reading corner, which will come with a set of settee, will definitely make many teachers happy. Update soon...

3. Teacher's Day celebration in SMI is on May 25, 2007, starting 7.20am. Wish SMI teachers , former or current, by leaving a message at
You can also share with us your days with your teachers in SMI and tell us why certain teachers had managed to leave a lasting impression on you. All messages will be published in the 2007 school magazine. Tell us your names and the years you were in St Michael's.

Posting this: 24 May 2007- Many responded with excellent write-ups. Keep your articles coming. I have until end of June 2007 to take in your stories. After that, I need to do a bit of editing before the stories make their way into our 2007 school magazine. PeterKhiew SMI


kintung said...

Thats awesome, and it's a great development of the school. It's good for everyone, as it will give the chance to study more on our alma mater.
I shall pay a visit of the gallery whenever there's time for me to do so.
And I believe majority of the teachers in SMI deserve the upcoming facilities in the staff room.
And of course, Happy Teacher's Day, and I had submitted a message of dedication to the address.

Thank you and Good Luck to you all,
Kin Tung Wong

~ CORRINNE MAH ~ said...

only a 'majority' of the teachers deserve an uplifting of the staffroom? sigh ....