Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Brother Matthew Bay and his team of shutter-bugs

caption: Brother Matthew with his team of dedicated shutter-bugs. Shot taken during
the school-level Teacher's Day celebration.

When they are needed, this team of Michaelian shutter-bugs never fail. These are the people, who usually work behind the scene, provide the much-needed shots for our school magazine, our newsletters and to feed our school portal year after year. The students, hand-picked meticulously by Brother Matthew himself, have undergone sessions which include portraits taken outdoors with local surroundings that utilize foliage, gardens, structures and other scenic backdrops. Only those with a passion for serious photography are issued personal passes, indicating that they are qualified to get the job done. The cameras they use are also those meeting specific specifications required by Brother Matthew which means only Brother knows the right types of cameras to acquire.

All these efforts ensure that SMI gets only the best shots in our publications. Well done.


The damsel of no distress. said...

Not bad.
Photography team must work hard.
Yes, I'm at your blog.
Sorry for the really long lapse of time in between. But I'm now here. Ready to get the digs in. What's new SMI??

-Joanna Gough-

fookiat said...

I miss my days taking the camera from Bro Matt and just take as many shots as I can.