Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Reporter and photographer from The Star came today

Received a phone call from photographer Saiful Bahari that he and journalist, Mazni Mustafa were coming to SMI. Both were assigned to see for themselves the school's 5-star toilet. Mazni was at the Saturday's award presentation function where SMI was awarded with a certificate of merit by the Ipoh City Council for the excellent upkeep of its toilet.

State Urban and Local Government Committee chairman Datuk Chang Ko Youn, who presented the certificate to the school, said he was equally impressed with the achievement and culture of the school which emphasizes on clealiness, participation and esprit de corp of its students.

Mazni interviewed the principal, canteen operators who happened to visit the toilet that time and some students. Saiful, on the other hands, busied himself with shots outside and inside the toilet. He too was greatly mesmerized by the conditions of the toilet.

The report, once it is out, will make its way to the 2007 school magazine

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