Sunday, June 17, 2007

SMI Celebrates Nation's 50th Anniversary of Independence

Themed, "Combining Efforts, Experiencing Success", SMI will celebrate, in a big way, Malaysia's 50th Anniversary of Independence.

For a start, a big banner will be put up at the Central Gable, depicting prominent and outstanding Michaelians, individuals who had contributed so much to make St Michael's an established and glorious institution. Later we will work on a special edition of magazine to commemorate the nation's 50 years of independence. The school will also invite home old boys studying in Form Five in 1957. A historical get-together of our seniors will undoubtedly create an excellent and exciting time together at the alma mater.

The theme above reflects the importance of the school working together with various quarters like parents, old boys and the community in attaining great success in our vision and mission, in line with the LaSallian ideals of Faith, Zeal and Community.

Old boys studying in Form Five 1957 can contact me at Pass the words around so that we can rope in more Michaelians to celebrate with us Aug 31, 2007.

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