Thursday, June 07, 2007

SMI's 46th Years of Drama Excellence

A strong combination of 20 artists, 10 AVA members, eight make-up artists, eight costume experts, 14 stage crews, eight vocalists, 26-member cast, together with 13 musicians have been lined up to ensure the success of St Michael's school play this year.

The cast and vocalists are currently undergoing sessions of tough and tedious rehearsing for some three hours daily in the school hall - thanks to director Corrinne Mah and music director Ling Lidi. The combined efforts of the duo, together with fellow Michaelians involved in the practice, deserve our admiration and respect.

The current team of students and teachers have a heavy responsibility - to ensure that the strong drama tradition continues in SMI and to carry on the legacy of Brother Paul when, in 1955, he successfully churned out the first play: 'The Poet of Ispaha'.

And for the first time in St Michael's history of performing arts, the stage will be spectacularly enliven by the drums and beats of fire-breathing monsters, centaurs, dragons and many other captivating creatures.

Yes, it's HERCULES, the story of the legendary Greece strongman who has over the decades continued to regale the young and old with accounts of his spectacular exploits of strength in a mythological world.

The school is targetting a sum of RM100,000 of which proceeds will be channelled towards the expansion of the staffroom, which is currently filled to the brim. Teachers, some 100 of them, are virtually moving with difficulties, squeezing their way through the crampy and narrow aisle. The drama this year will also support the roof project, acquiring new desks and chairs for students and other maintainance works.
"Hercules", which promises an evening of true entertainment, talent and surprises, is on for three days, 17 to 19 August 2007 at the SMI school hall, starting 7pm.
For details, call 05-2540418 or e-mail:
We thank the Board of Governors, under the leadership of Dato' Seri Lee Oi Hian, Old Michaelians Association (Mr Adrian Tsen), SMI KL Alumni (Dr Chin Yoong Kheong) and parents for their unwavering and strong support in generating funds through the annual drama for the school development fund. Let's us join hands to ensure another year of great success.
Visit: for updates of the play.
caption: 1. Director Corrinne giving instruction in one of the rehearsals. 2. The cast hard at work.


kintung said...

It sounds great.
It's great that our drama tradition continues in SMI till this 46th drama.
I hope every Michaelians will try to do their best and their parts in contributing and buying the tickets.
The benefits and the success of the drama will not be given and shared to strangers nor anonymous, but to you; the Michaelians and our alma mater.
I had prepared my own personal sponsorship for this 46th drama, and I will submit it to the principal by next week.
Good luck to the director of the drama, Miss Corrine Mah who sacrificed a lot for the greater development of St.Michael's.

Kin Tung Wong

Peter Khiew said...

This is a true demonstration of what Michaelian spirit is all about. Kin Tung had, over the years, been contributing his hard-earned personal sponsorship to the school. We in St Michael's remember Kin Tung as a true and noble Michaelian, outstanding in his academic achievements and had excelled in many other facets of his school life. We wish him success.