Monday, July 23, 2007

Keeping Track Of the School Play

As funding coordinator, OMA president Mr Adrian Tsen was briefed by the school on the current status of the school drama. Among the items discussed that day were ticket sales, sponsors, promotion and seating arrangements. Director Corrinne Mah said the crew and cast were practising seriously, with musicians working equally hard to ensure three unforgettable evenings of excitement and heart-thumping moments, coming 17, 18 & 19 August 2007.
It was also decided that HERCULES T-shirts can be worn on Wednesdays by students. When the news was announced to them during assembly, it was greeted with cheers and a thunderous applause.
Heard that Saturday RM20 tickets are selling like hot cakes, with news already out that tickets are about to sell out. SMI KL Alumni members have also joined in the excitement by calling up the school and sending enquiries via e-mails. We are serious in raising RM100,000 this year. Possible? "It's possible", said Mr Adrian Tsen.
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caption of pix: From left Mr Phoon (principal), Adrian Tsen, Corrinne(director) and Mrs Yee (business manager)

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