Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Welcome Deputy Minister of Education To SMI

Deputy Education Minister Datuk Hon Choon Kim is on a working visit to St Michael's on Tuesday at 10.30am. He is to be accompanied by officials from the ministry and state education department. We understand that he is going to check on the school's 5-star toilet and if he finds it up to his expectations, Datuk Hon is going to declare the loo be a benchmark for all school toilets in Malaysia. He will also be touring the foodcourt, perhaps to check on the preparation aspects and the quality of food sold there. Well, the foodcourt is in good hands, with tasty and reasonably priced food. Thanks to Brother Matthew Bay who looks into the many factors that contribute to a truly world class and premium foodcourt.


Fan said...

There is nothing much to praise about regarding the 5-star school toilet cause its never always opened to school students to use unless the cleaner wants to clean it. Probably the toilet is only for show purposes? If the toilet is closed because of irresponsible vandals, this problem should be well expected before the construction of the toilet as no toilet in the world is ever free from vandals. Instead of closing the toilet to teach the students a lesson, maybe some other methods should be used instead to punish the irresponsible students. Not closing the toilet and not doing anything about the problem. Besides that, maybe the government officials have been cheated, how can you judge the cleanliness of the toilet when its never been used? The cleanliness of the toilet should be judged by the ability of the students and the janitor to keep the toilet clean. Not having the toilet in best condition only when the officials are paying a visit. I also heard that the old toilet, just next to the new toilet, is going to be refurnished. Just demolish that old piece off... there's no need for two toilets next to each other...

KinTung said...

It is very true about the situation of new school toilet.
It was built with the hard effort from the year 2004's school drama, and it was the best play that I ever seen too.
3 years ago, I had a conversation about the irresponsible vandals and ways to overcomes it with the former principal. He had his own plan, and own way, to maintain it as a 5 star school toilet.
3 years later, which is now, most of us are very disappointed that this situation popped out in front of us.

A consistent staff who is under a contract with the school, should be placed as a guard of the toilet. Nowadays, as a visitor to the school, I can simply see a gang or a group of students come out from their classes loitering around the corridors, to the school toilet, splashing water among themselves, shouting and yelling. At the same time, teachers aren't entering the classes and they are enjoying themselves at the staff's room or canteen. Where goes the civilization of the Michaelians?
During Mr Louis Rozario's administration, this kind of cases are rare, because one stroke of cane will be given to those students on the spot if they have been caught.
Present administrators should have the initiative to walk around the school, corridors, and classes to see the happenings.

Now, we should not blame anyone, but we should solve this matter together. I'm very sure the OMA which under Mr. Adrian Tsen will able to contribute some brilliant ideas.
Lastly, for those who know the meaning of "Originality" , therefore the old toilet should not be demolished , but yet to be refurnished.

Best wishes,
Wong Kin Tung
Member of St Michael's Institution Alumni Association Klang Valley