Friday, August 24, 2007

Bobby Chew Yat San Shares...

Through The Corridor Of St Michael's Primary-Remembering Our Teachers
Picture One: "That's how you dribble a ball, boys", said Bobby Chew to his pupils. (1962)
Picture Two: Bobby with a pack of "wolf cubs" (anak serigala). The teacher Miss Lim Cheng Gaik (fourth from left) later became Mrs Bobby Chew. (1962)

Picture Three: Bobby Chew( back row, third from right) and teachers of SMI in 1962. HM that time was Mr Lim Guan Choe.

Said Bobby Chew: My contributions to SMI Primary could go on and on, but I maintain that if more Old Michaelians lend a helping hand, the society would have a more pleasant place to live in.

I have always been inspired and guided by this saying, "I come this way but once, whatever I can do, let me do it now, for I shall not pass this way again". There is no more gratifying and satisfying than to see the appreciation and the faces of someone you have helped.

During his 25 years in SMI, teacher Bobby Chew had contributed some RM120,000 for SMI, through his personal efforts by going from shops to shops, neighbours, church members and people on the streets. His colleagues, parents and pupils remember his warm, pleasant and approachable personality, the traits of a worthy Michaelian. Currently, Bobby Chew is a committee member of the Old Michaelians Association.

Note: Mr Bobby Chew, 66 this year, started teaching in SMI beginning 1962 and retired in 1996, years of illustrious and dedicated service in producing and grooming thousands of pupils, who I believe, still remember this man who firmly advocates a vibrant Michaelian spirit among the fraternity. On his last day of service, on Sept 25, 1996, Brother Ultan Paul presented Mr Bobby Chew with a plaque with the inscription, " A Token Of Sincere Appreciation From The LaSalle Brothers For Excellent Service At St Michael's Institution, Ipoh."
He can be contacted at 012-5163924/05-5466753 (Address 117, Jalan Raja Kam, 31400 Ipoh)


imran said...

Mr. Bobby Chew was my English teacher when I was in Standard 3 back in 1988. I remembered him as someone who was passionate and never lost his cool.

I am happy that he is still dedicated to our Alma Mater even though he has retired. Thank you Mr. Bobby Chew!

realgimhan said...

Hi. Can anyone advice me on how may I join the SMI Alumni Klang Valley chapter?

I graduated from SMI after my SPM in the year 2000 (5SC3).

I can be contacted at

Sorry but I can't leave my e-mail address here.

KinTung said...

To join the SMI Alumni Klang Valley:

Do send an email to,
and an application form will be mailed to you.
Complete the form and then print out TWO copies, and keep one copy, and send the other copy to the Secretariat with your cheque made out in the name of 'St Michael's Alumni Association, Klang Valley' for an amount of RM100. Please write your name, graduating year and telephone number at the back of the cheque.

The SMI Alumni's Secretariat address:
St. Michael's Institution Alumni Association, Klang Valley
Address: 18-2, Jalan SS 19/1G, 47500 Subang Jaya, Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan, MALAYSIA
Telephone: +603 - 56379137, +603 - 56379326
Fax: +603 - 56379216

Thank you,
KT Wong