Thursday, August 09, 2007

Current Status of the Primary School Block

The entire primary school premises, including the dental clinic, book shop and toilets, are expected to be demolished in three weeks. Works to tear down the blocks, constructed in 1959, will be carried out by the same contractor who built the new primary school block. I was told by Brother Matthew Bay that the huge trees, sandwiched between the two main blocks, will be preserved.

Talking about this, I still remember vividly having my BCG jab under the trees when I was in Year Six in 1975 (SK St Michael One). The nurses came with boxes of bottled solutions, syringes and plenty of cotton. With a few desks and chairs set up neatly by the nurses, we sat there quietly and nervously waiting for our turn to be vaccinated. I have plenty of fond memories there, especially those spent with our fellow Michaelians. We still keep in touch once a year. It's easier now to keep them updated on the school's happenings through this blog.

Do inform your friends about the impending status of the primary school. Get that camera out from your closet and have some snapshots of yourself and the school before the premises are gone. As for our old boys and their families in Kuala Lumpur, consider a journey back to SMI primary. There are still plenty of things to see and appreciate.


Henry Yew said...

I also remember the days when I spent my primary school days in SK St. Michael 2 (Year Six 2000).

There were indeed bitter sweet memories from primary school. Among my sweetest memories there was the intimacy between the teachers and I. I do treasure them very much and till now I still keep in contact with at least one of them. The saddest memory I have was when my music teacher back then (also my teacher-in-charge of the choir team) passed away very young due to breast cancer. A year before that, circa 1996, a good friend of mine passed away due to gastro-intestinal complications.

I must say that in those days while I was still in the primary school, life was so easy. All you had to do was just be obedient and pay attention to the teachers, and you will definitely be their favourite student. It was so easy to appease primary school teachers, actually. Perhaps we were very young, small and naive, so they would treat us differently from how secondary school teachers would treat their student.

Although I am sad that the old building will have to be demolished, I am glad that it will be demolished for the greater good of the school community. It is indeed time to let go of something dear to prepare a path for a better future.

m3lv said...

Hi Mr.Khiew!

Good thing that you setup this blog, as could see the updates about SMI!!Its been some time that i've not been in the school, missing those moment that i have with my classmates and as well as with all the teachers. I only came to know that the primary school block will be demolish after an update from my friend. It was then i spent my childhood time in SK St. Michael 2 (Year Six 2000). I still remember those fun moments with my schoolmates. Haha.. Hope i could make it on time before the primary block being demolish for some photo shoot in the old building =)

Keep it up SMI!!Michaeliens which is still studying now, make yourself a part of SMI history!Be proud of your school!!


Melvin Phun (Form 5 2005)

raymond said...

hi!! :)
tanks mr.khiew for setting up this blog... after i have learnt that the primary school building will be demolished, my heart realy sank... it was there where i was educated to be a true michaelian... memories of great teachers like mr.v.nathan,en.zabaruddin , mr.ram singh molik,ms shanti and many more will be deeply remembered and missed by me. i have charrished alot of memories in every classroom that i have learnt in..... memories of my primary school friends,primary teachers, the big trees, the dental room... its alot... lastly i hope the shool will keep the round tyire which had our michaelian emblem drewn on it.... QUIS UT DEUS.. INDIVISA MANENT...

raymond said...
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KinTung said...

It's a good suggestion to maintain the round tyre.
The round tyre brings a lot of memories to every Michaelian who had studied at there.
The building may be demolished, but at least let the tyre to be at there. Let it to be a symbol or a mark of the 1959 primary school building.
As it's a part of the originalities and historical items, it should be preserved.
Let's have the initiative to keep it, repainted it well.

Have a nice day.

Wong Kin Tung,
Member of St.Michael's Institution Alumni Association Klang Valley

AOCY said...

I can be considered a true Michaelian because I had been in that block since standard 1 (1996).

Call me cruel but I think the building should be demolished. However, looking back at my history...I feel that I had lots of memories that I left behind during my primary days. I believe that other Michaelians from SMI (1) and (2) would think so.

To tear the building down is like tearing away all your memories. I feel sad but still life has to go on. Only the pictures can revive such memories as pictures paint a thousand words.

But i'm still glad they are still preserving the trees. Oh, I loved those trees. I used to play 'aci duduk' under those shady trees. It provided us shade and memories dat i truly treasure a lot.

It's been already 12 years (including this year)since i came in and out of the school compound...if u ask me, i'm never bored of stepping into my alma mater...rain or shine, i will walk through...Coz everyday is an exciting day.

I have one resolution now - grab a camera & a few friends. Primary school, here I come!!!

NW said...

Tearing down the primary block will be like erasing my childhood memories.

I was a student in St. Michael 2 and finished my Standard 6 studies in 1991.

My only hope that the names of the top achievers for the UPSR examinations which are displayed outside the primary school office is preserved and moved to the new primary block. Having my name displayed there is one of my proudest moment, apart from being a Michaelian , of course!