Friday, August 31, 2007

My Nikon Camera Has Been Repaired.

Sent my Nikon Coolpix 4500 for repair - faulty shutter button and back panel fpc. For that, couriered it to Nikon Malaysia in KL. Referred to someone there, named Paul Lee. After that, e-mailed him.

Dear Paul,
Thank you for your pleasant approach when I called on Monday. I am sure my camera will arrive Tuesday. Please go through the necessary checks on the camera. Please consider keeping the cost of repair to the minimum as the camera is used for school programmes to keep our old boys, former teachers, current students and teachers informed. Please feel free to visit my blog at

Paul replied, Products Consumer-Products ConsumerSubject: Camera Nikon coolpix 4500
Dear Peter,

Thank you for your invitation to your blog.
I'm a Michaelian myself and proud to be one of the silver spoon too...does the school still give away silver spoons? I'm from the batch 1974-1986 (Upper 6).

I'm indeed very proud to be associated with the school, teachers and fellow friends which I always cherish in my heart forever. Proud to be a Michaelian, always be and always will.

Saw Mr. Timothy Chee in the blog pic. I really take my hats off for him. Got a story....
I'm very involved in athletics, sprints especially, during my schools days from 1981 to 1986. Think you can still track my records,,,...or someone may have broken them already :). Well, in 1982 while taking part in the high jump event, I landed in the sand pitch (the long jump pit at the back padang near the Brother's quarters, beside the canteen) and broke my arm. Mr. Timothy is so very kind to help me back to my home and even let my mom to brag on him. I can always remember that for my whole life.
I happened to bump into Mr.Timothy sometime back in One Utama, Bandar Utama. So glad to bump into him and the feeling inside me still sometimes make me want to cry.....:) love that cannot be bought.
Played tennis with Brother Vincent before, by the way, where is he now?

I have not gone back to Ipoh for a long long time. Can I just walk into the school if I happen to be around?
You mentioned about the safe story. Is there a story too for the statue located in the upper part of the building? I've heard one from a fellow Michaelian that Brother Paul protected the statue during the Japanese occupation. Never heard it from an official channel before.

Brother Ultan Paul...he is simply awesome. I don't know how to put it but he gives me so much encouragement with his simple, down to earth talks and advice. Everytime when we talk to him, he makes us so comfortable to be with him. He's so approachable. I do miss him in my heart.

Would want to go back to Alma Mater one day and also the OMA dinner to meet up with some friends. Is there any website that I can register to be OMA members?

Note: It was only when Paul replied that got to know he is an old boy. Michaelians are everywhere. They remember their teachers and the deeds they have done to touch students' lives. They remember the alma mater and the things that are around them. They also remember the wonderful traits, gentleness and the inspiring words of the Lasallian brothers. All these, make lives worthwhile in St Michael's.

Note: I got my camera back in perfect condition - with a Michaelian touch of an old boy who still remembers a teacher. Thank you, Paul Lee.

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Andrew Lim said...

That's a great camera.

Anyhow, Happy Independence Day!

That should be a great article of what Mr. Gilbert mentioned a few days back.