Sunday, September 30, 2007

LEAD- Reaching The Mind To Touch The Heart

While others would get ready for tuition or a game on the computer after school every day, a Form Two student would carry an empty basket and wait for a van to come to his house. While the van driver decides on a destination, he would fill up his basket with pieces of cakes. Soon he would be going from shop to shop, convincing people in the restaurants or coffee shops to buy a cake.

For each piece he sells, this highly-industrious boy makes 50 sen. One night he would be able to sell an average of 25 pieces. He has been doing this for more than two years, with money he makes given to his mother. That wonderful boy was one of the 24 participants who attended the Lasalle Expedition and Development (LEAD) camp in Ulu Kenas Kuala Kangsar from 7 to 9 September 2007. His story has touched many hearts included the volunteers who helped out at the camp.

For three days, that little boy had a well-deserved break, a treat he had never enjoyed before. Besides, having breaks swimming at the crystal-clear stream, sumptuous meals and jungle trekking, he and his friends truly enjoyed the inspirational talks on team building, positive interaction and leadership, conducted by Master Isaac .

Brother Vincent Corkery and Brother Matthew Bay who visited the camp on the second day were greatly impressed with the way the camp was organised. The boys were imbued with a sense of comradeship and a strong demonstration of zeal and a drive to excel.

The camp was made possible through contributions of benefactors and old boys, a gesture which was whole-heartedly acknowledged by the boys who attended the camp.

A tremendous success, it was a camp which reached the mind to touch the heart.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

PMR 2007

A total of 404 candidates will sit for the Penilaian Menengah Rendah (PMR) 2007 from Oct 1 to Oct 5. St Michael's wishes them all the best.

BERNAMA reports that a total of 469,133 Form Three students will sit for the Penilaian Menengah Rendah (PMR) examination from Monday to Friday at 3,376 examination centres nationwide, the Education Ministry said.Of the total, 437,888 students are from government schools and 17,771 are candidates from state government-run schools and sponsored by organisations, ministry public relations officer Emily Clarice Joannes said in a statement.She said 13,095 and 1,106 private school candidates and individual students, respectively, are also taking the examination.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Notice Boards At the School Foyer

caption: BEFORE: The boards have been removed for repair.
NOW: Michaelian Green is used. The notice boards were filled with notices and announcements this afternoon. Please help the school to take care of the boards.

Earlier story:
The notice boards are in bad shape with broken glasses and faded red velvet cloth, not reflective of a place of high standing and nobility. Principal Mr Phoon has agreed to spruce up the boards, changing the background from red to green, to replace all the locks and ensure that the glasses are in tip-top condition. We Michaelians must play our role in maintaining the notice boards and make sure they are not vandalised. I personally regard the foyer area as a heritage and all items put up must reflect a level of professionalism, in line with the Lasallian ideals of faith and zeal. By Friday, 28 Sept 2007, we will witness another transformation in St Michael's.

Books For Sale at Marian Library! A shocker...

Streams of visitors came over to the Marian Library for a different purpose. To buy books and not to borrow books. Do not panic! The usually quiet and serene library on the second floor was a hive of activities today. The library is collaborating, for the first time, with a popular book store - POPULAR to promote books and to sell them to fellow Michaelians for discounts of up to 70% of the retail prices. It's on until Friday. Hundreds of students and teachers were equally excited with the slash of prices for dictionaries, reference books, magazines and workbooks.

Head librarian Wong Choon Leong is one happy student as his amazing efforts with his entire team had borne results. The librarians, who I consider as silent crusaders, were the force to be reckoned with. They are the ones who ensure that books and magazines are well taken care of. Everyday, they make sure the fans and lights are working, the floor swept, the tables wiped, the books and magazines arranged tidily and neatly.. and to welcome students with smiling faces. We salute these humble and committed group of students.

On another note, Wong (pix) said the library will be organising a fund-raising project later to generate funds to build a bigger compartment for storing school bags. Currently during peak hours, bags fill up the entire walkway, making it difficult for students to walk pass. It is a sincere and noble request. Hope that we can help and the school will come up with a plan for the library.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

SMI Ice Cream Man

For more than six decades, the familiar ice-cream man had been bringing smiles and joy to thousands of Michaelians with his varieties of goodies. That man of few words and his knack for orderliness in arranging the ice-cream, has stopped selling two months ago. His absence has raised many questions among us. What has happened to him? Why did he stop selling? Is he still in Malaysia? Will he be back?

We will return with his story...

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Lasallian Mission Assembly meeting

caption: Mr Phoon, SMI principal, OMA president Mr Adrian Tsen, Brother Visitor Thomas Lavin and BOG representative Mr Chan Kok Keong.

Forty participants, including representatives from the Board of Governors, OMA, school administrators and old boys association commitee members from SM St Anthony, Teluk Intan, SM St George, Taiping and St Michael's, Ipoh attended the Lasallian Mission Assembly meeting held at the La Salle Centre on Sept 13.

Some basic issues discussed by the representatives were the revitalising of existing Lasallian schools and the establishments of new privatised educational projects.

The meeting also touched on the highly important aspect of our Lasallian mission in giving human and spiritual education to young people, especially the poor and the marginalised, in the form of alternative and informal educational projects. Also attending the meeting was Father Michael Cheah from the St Michael's Church.

Co-ordinating the discussion were Eric Bryan Amaladas and the Lasallian Brothers - Brother Visitor Thomas Lavin and Brother John.

Proposals from the meeting will be presented at the National Lasallian Mission Assembly sceduled for 26 - 28 October 2007 in Kuala Lumpur.

St Michael's - In Memory of Brother Paul

Heavenly-radiant... the pride of so many benefactors, old boys, teachers and the Brothers.
Our Michaelian pride...the Star will lead the way.
"St Michael's -- In Memory of Brother Ultan Paul" - Eight words that tell it all.

On Sept 16, workers spent almost eight hours to put up the letterings and a star at the left wing of the building. The star, Signum Fidei, represents the Spirit of Faith that enables the Brothers to see the events of life, both joyfully and sorrowfully, left in the hand of God.
Exactly in the middle of the block, another bold blue-coloured star was put up, a reminder to fellow Michaelians of the excellent and noble work of the Brothers in disseminating human values and sound education for all. Thanks Brother Matthew for coming up with the perfect design to adorn our Michaelian pride.
The new St Michael's primary school block has been made possible through the Herculean efforts of so many individuals.

Note: The blessing of the primary building took place Saturday 17 February, just before Chinese New Year. The blessing was performed by Father Michael Cheah from St Michael's Church. It was a simple ceremony. After prayers, Father Michael Cheah went from floor to floor sprinkling holy water. Brother Vincent spoke briefly to thank Fr Cheah as well as others who attended. Fr Cheah said it was for him a special privilege as an old Michaelian and referred to his happy years as an SMI student.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Mr Aw Koon Lum

Another senior teacher, Mr Aw is retiring in November 2007. A clear favourite among present students and old boys, the computer maestro, known for his past-time favourite in listening to Thai songs, Mr Aw will surely be missed by many including teachers and staff of St Michael's.
A write-up on this trusted confidante and friend soon.
caption: Aw and his computers....

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Class of 1957 - Golden Jubilarians

Merdeka Michaelians
Some rare and priceless photographs of Michaelians who studied in 1957 (Form Five) were made available exclusively by Brother Vincent for this blog. Gratitude to Brother for preserving these highly treasured items. The students are in their 60s now. We look forward to meet up these old boys come Sept 29, 2007 at the OMA dinner. Our salutations to you at St Michael's, Ipoh.

(And to Mr Harneak Singh, OMA secretary, thank you for sending the images to me).

Monday, September 10, 2007

SMI KL Alumni Visits SMI

A Note from the SMI KL Alumni president

With the SMI, Ipoh’s new primary school building standing majestically right at the heart of Ipoh, it is indeed timely for The SMI Alumni Klang Valley’s EXCO team to organize the upcoming visit to our Alma Mater with the objective of fostering better relationships and fellowship amongst our members, OMA members, the teachers and the students at large.

This year’s visit to the school is headed by Mr Ronald Hor who is the Organizing Chairman. An interesting twist to the visit is the treasure hunt which will involve a walk-about within the school grounds and notably the new primary school building. A creative way to get all participants to familiarize themselves with the school through fun filled activities and to rekindle the nostalgic feeling of having studied in this grand heritage building of Ipoh.

The visit is the Alumni’s annual school visit but this will be the first time the visit will be done on a weekend to coincide with the OMA Annual Dinner on Sept 29 in Ipoh. The visit will give an opportunity for the Alumni’s family members to “sample” the nostalgic moments and glorious past of their daddies and mummies.

The wonderful part of this trip is that Ronald’s team will be working hand-in-hand with Mr Timothy Chee, Mr Phoon and the team of boy scouts from SMI. This is indeed the spirit of ‘muhibbah’ and a true Michaelian teamwork displayed by Michaelians from differing backgrounds from the former teachers (represented by Timothy), the current students (represented by the scouts brigade), the current teachers and administration team (represented by Mr Phoon and his team) and the Alumni’s members from Kuala Lumpur. Such is the beauty of SMI, Ipoh that binds each and every Michaelian of all ages.

To have the school visit coupled with the OMA’s annual dinner truly unites and brings about the fostering of better fellowship. It is on this note that I feel, as the President of the SMI Alumni Klang Valley, the Michaelian spirit running high in each of us and how blessed we are to have been a son of St Michael’s Institution, Ipoh!


Friday, September 07, 2007


The LaSallian Expedition And Development camp will be held from Sept 7 to Sept 9 at the Hutan Lipur Ulu Kenas, Kuala Kangsar. Organised by the La Salle Centre and headed by Isaac Stephen, the 3-day camp involves 25 Form Two students together with volunteers from the LaSallian fraternity. Two teachers from St Michael's will join them - Mr Lawrence Brindes and Peter Khiew. Blog updates resume when I return.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

MMB- The Gem Of St Michael's

Congratulations to our competent and highly-skilled members of the Michaelian Military Band who walked home as Champions in the Band Competition held in conjunction with the state-level National Day celebrations. The boys were simply outstanding. They strutted confidently and with style along Jalan Sultan Yusuf. Cheered by fellow Michaelians and Ipoh folks along the 2-km route, good news awaiting the 50-member band.
SMI won the top prize of RM3,000, a position that had greatly boosted the confidence and motivation of our boys. They also clinched the prestigious "Best Drum Major" award, a double joy for the boys and the entire school community.

We congratulate the Drum Major who received the RM500 prize. His constant encouragement and inspiring words to his charges have resulted in a very sweet victory.

Master Jeffery Chan, the band leader said humbly: First of all , congratulations to my fellow band members who had indeed done a splendid job on that particular day. My greatest gratitude is to our instructor, Sir Lee Mun Ming for leading the band. It has finally achieved success. But, as Michaelians, I believe that the reason for us joining the competition is not just for the medal and cash prize. I believe that there are more things more worthy than just winning. Instead, the brotherhood between members and the Michaelian spirit is well-demonstrated and I believe it'll continue burning in us Michaelians.

Well, I believe that the members of MMB are very proud now but just one phrase to conclude everything. "Don't let your ego conquers you". I believe that this victory would bring forth the Michaelian Military Band towards a journey which everyone will never forget and I believe glory won't end here. We'll continue to do the best we can and although at times we might have problems but with the unity we have, I believe that nothing is unachievable by us Michaelians...
Thank you, boys.