Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Books For Sale at Marian Library! A shocker...

Streams of visitors came over to the Marian Library for a different purpose. To buy books and not to borrow books. Do not panic! The usually quiet and serene library on the second floor was a hive of activities today. The library is collaborating, for the first time, with a popular book store - POPULAR to promote books and to sell them to fellow Michaelians for discounts of up to 70% of the retail prices. It's on until Friday. Hundreds of students and teachers were equally excited with the slash of prices for dictionaries, reference books, magazines and workbooks.

Head librarian Wong Choon Leong is one happy student as his amazing efforts with his entire team had borne results. The librarians, who I consider as silent crusaders, were the force to be reckoned with. They are the ones who ensure that books and magazines are well taken care of. Everyday, they make sure the fans and lights are working, the floor swept, the tables wiped, the books and magazines arranged tidily and neatly.. and to welcome students with smiling faces. We salute these humble and committed group of students.

On another note, Wong (pix) said the library will be organising a fund-raising project later to generate funds to build a bigger compartment for storing school bags. Currently during peak hours, bags fill up the entire walkway, making it difficult for students to walk pass. It is a sincere and noble request. Hope that we can help and the school will come up with a plan for the library.

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Zhin said...

Wow, I can actually remember those days when I was a Librarian back in 1979. Plenty of fun and I was the Librarian of the Year 1979. How I wish I can visit the Marian Library again after 30+ years.

Richard Ng '79