Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Lasallian Mission Assembly meeting

caption: Mr Phoon, SMI principal, OMA president Mr Adrian Tsen, Brother Visitor Thomas Lavin and BOG representative Mr Chan Kok Keong.

Forty participants, including representatives from the Board of Governors, OMA, school administrators and old boys association commitee members from SM St Anthony, Teluk Intan, SM St George, Taiping and St Michael's, Ipoh attended the Lasallian Mission Assembly meeting held at the La Salle Centre on Sept 13.

Some basic issues discussed by the representatives were the revitalising of existing Lasallian schools and the establishments of new privatised educational projects.

The meeting also touched on the highly important aspect of our Lasallian mission in giving human and spiritual education to young people, especially the poor and the marginalised, in the form of alternative and informal educational projects. Also attending the meeting was Father Michael Cheah from the St Michael's Church.

Co-ordinating the discussion were Eric Bryan Amaladas and the Lasallian Brothers - Brother Visitor Thomas Lavin and Brother John.

Proposals from the meeting will be presented at the National Lasallian Mission Assembly sceduled for 26 - 28 October 2007 in Kuala Lumpur.

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