Wednesday, September 05, 2007

MMB- The Gem Of St Michael's

Congratulations to our competent and highly-skilled members of the Michaelian Military Band who walked home as Champions in the Band Competition held in conjunction with the state-level National Day celebrations. The boys were simply outstanding. They strutted confidently and with style along Jalan Sultan Yusuf. Cheered by fellow Michaelians and Ipoh folks along the 2-km route, good news awaiting the 50-member band.
SMI won the top prize of RM3,000, a position that had greatly boosted the confidence and motivation of our boys. They also clinched the prestigious "Best Drum Major" award, a double joy for the boys and the entire school community.

We congratulate the Drum Major who received the RM500 prize. His constant encouragement and inspiring words to his charges have resulted in a very sweet victory.

Master Jeffery Chan, the band leader said humbly: First of all , congratulations to my fellow band members who had indeed done a splendid job on that particular day. My greatest gratitude is to our instructor, Sir Lee Mun Ming for leading the band. It has finally achieved success. But, as Michaelians, I believe that the reason for us joining the competition is not just for the medal and cash prize. I believe that there are more things more worthy than just winning. Instead, the brotherhood between members and the Michaelian spirit is well-demonstrated and I believe it'll continue burning in us Michaelians.

Well, I believe that the members of MMB are very proud now but just one phrase to conclude everything. "Don't let your ego conquers you". I believe that this victory would bring forth the Michaelian Military Band towards a journey which everyone will never forget and I believe glory won't end here. We'll continue to do the best we can and although at times we might have problems but with the unity we have, I believe that nothing is unachievable by us Michaelians...
Thank you, boys.


muralabas said...

Congrates our counter part..The Military Band...I am always a Cadet Band supporter and also a BASE drummer since my schooling years in SMI..I wonder what happen to our Cadet Band which was the first school in the whole of Perak to have a Bag Pipe Unit..

SMI has changed a lot since 1965..

I have always been a Michaelian and was schooling in SMI since Kindergathern..From 1965 ( Kindergathern ) to 1971 ( Std 6 ) I think it was primary 11 at that time...and on to Form 1A7 ( 1972 ) to Form 3A7 (1974 ) and Form 4 arts 2 ( 1975 ) and left for Sekolah Menengah Teknik/ Vocational.

My brothers, sister and nephews were all Michaelians..


Helmy Jaafar
GreenTown Ipoh..

Best Wishes to all Michaelians..

Peter Khiew said...

It is wonderful to hear from you. Do drop by at SMI anytime to talk about old times. Perhaps you have plenty to share with us.
My e-mail:

Zhin said...

I was also in the Cadet Corps of Drums from 1976 to 1979 and was the Drum Major in 1979. I played the Side Drum before that. I guess the Cadet Corp of Drums were disbanded in the mid 80's.

Richard YK Ng

ChrisAu said...

Yes, the Cadet Band was disbanded in late 1985 due to lack of financial support. The band was still using old instruments in those outdated wooden side-drums and flutes. The Military Band then has upgraded to modern musical equipment.

I was in the last batch of the band and we always 'borrow' Military Band's side-drums when it's available, and combined with them during performance. In the end, the band was disbanded and Military Band took over the band's instruments.