Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Notice Boards At the School Foyer

caption: BEFORE: The boards have been removed for repair.
NOW: Michaelian Green is used. The notice boards were filled with notices and announcements this afternoon. Please help the school to take care of the boards.

Earlier story:
The notice boards are in bad shape with broken glasses and faded red velvet cloth, not reflective of a place of high standing and nobility. Principal Mr Phoon has agreed to spruce up the boards, changing the background from red to green, to replace all the locks and ensure that the glasses are in tip-top condition. We Michaelians must play our role in maintaining the notice boards and make sure they are not vandalised. I personally regard the foyer area as a heritage and all items put up must reflect a level of professionalism, in line with the Lasallian ideals of faith and zeal. By Friday, 28 Sept 2007, we will witness another transformation in St Michael's.

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