Monday, September 10, 2007

SMI KL Alumni Visits SMI

A Note from the SMI KL Alumni president

With the SMI, Ipoh’s new primary school building standing majestically right at the heart of Ipoh, it is indeed timely for The SMI Alumni Klang Valley’s EXCO team to organize the upcoming visit to our Alma Mater with the objective of fostering better relationships and fellowship amongst our members, OMA members, the teachers and the students at large.

This year’s visit to the school is headed by Mr Ronald Hor who is the Organizing Chairman. An interesting twist to the visit is the treasure hunt which will involve a walk-about within the school grounds and notably the new primary school building. A creative way to get all participants to familiarize themselves with the school through fun filled activities and to rekindle the nostalgic feeling of having studied in this grand heritage building of Ipoh.

The visit is the Alumni’s annual school visit but this will be the first time the visit will be done on a weekend to coincide with the OMA Annual Dinner on Sept 29 in Ipoh. The visit will give an opportunity for the Alumni’s family members to “sample” the nostalgic moments and glorious past of their daddies and mummies.

The wonderful part of this trip is that Ronald’s team will be working hand-in-hand with Mr Timothy Chee, Mr Phoon and the team of boy scouts from SMI. This is indeed the spirit of ‘muhibbah’ and a true Michaelian teamwork displayed by Michaelians from differing backgrounds from the former teachers (represented by Timothy), the current students (represented by the scouts brigade), the current teachers and administration team (represented by Mr Phoon and his team) and the Alumni’s members from Kuala Lumpur. Such is the beauty of SMI, Ipoh that binds each and every Michaelian of all ages.

To have the school visit coupled with the OMA’s annual dinner truly unites and brings about the fostering of better fellowship. It is on this note that I feel, as the President of the SMI Alumni Klang Valley, the Michaelian spirit running high in each of us and how blessed we are to have been a son of St Michael’s Institution, Ipoh!


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