Wednesday, September 19, 2007

St Michael's - In Memory of Brother Paul

Heavenly-radiant... the pride of so many benefactors, old boys, teachers and the Brothers.
Our Michaelian pride...the Star will lead the way.
"St Michael's -- In Memory of Brother Ultan Paul" - Eight words that tell it all.

On Sept 16, workers spent almost eight hours to put up the letterings and a star at the left wing of the building. The star, Signum Fidei, represents the Spirit of Faith that enables the Brothers to see the events of life, both joyfully and sorrowfully, left in the hand of God.
Exactly in the middle of the block, another bold blue-coloured star was put up, a reminder to fellow Michaelians of the excellent and noble work of the Brothers in disseminating human values and sound education for all. Thanks Brother Matthew for coming up with the perfect design to adorn our Michaelian pride.
The new St Michael's primary school block has been made possible through the Herculean efforts of so many individuals.

Note: The blessing of the primary building took place Saturday 17 February, just before Chinese New Year. The blessing was performed by Father Michael Cheah from St Michael's Church. It was a simple ceremony. After prayers, Father Michael Cheah went from floor to floor sprinkling holy water. Brother Vincent spoke briefly to thank Fr Cheah as well as others who attended. Fr Cheah said it was for him a special privilege as an old Michaelian and referred to his happy years as an SMI student.

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