Thursday, October 11, 2007

More Shots On The Demolition Process

Dear Kin Tung, Alex and Henry Yew,

It's the Michaelian spirit that pulls us through. Looking back at our wondrous past, SMI has never retreated. It continues to grow and grow. While we might feel the sadness of witnessing a building being pulled down, it consoles and inspires us when we see the strength of another building standing tall, a strong testimony of the Lasallian ideals of Faith, Zeal and Community.
The school takes a break until Oct 21. School starts on Monday, Oct 22, 2007. By then, clearing works at the primary school grounds would have been completed.

That's all for now. After this, the blog will focus on other happenings at St Michael's. Cheers and best wishes. Signing off, Peter Khiew

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kkchow23 said...

It's sad to see that the primary building that I used to study in being pulled down. Within it brings a lot unforgettable memories...