Friday, October 12, 2007

OMA 69th Annual Banquet

It was the catching up on old times which prioritized all others. Even the scrumptious eight-course dinner and the evergreen songs had no match for people to get around saying hello and to talk about those old days. Only the Tiger beer was able to pull them back to their seats once in a while.

It was a reunion that really etched in memory of more than 650 old boys and old girls who attended, with many already made appointment to meet each other again next year.

Old boys studying in Form Five, (1957) were presented with their Golden Jubilarian certificates. Our old brothers are Toh Hee Nam, Narian Dass, Foong Weng Yeow, Lee Sin Hean, Lim Cho Hock, Loh Heng Khan, Phang Meng San and Bill Teoh.

Forty-one others also received their Diamond, Ruby and Silver certificates.

From St Michael's, our warmest regards and see all of you again at our 70th year Bash on Sept 27, 2008 , which I believe would definitely be a merrier and a more dynamic get-together.

Pix 1: I still remember what you did in 1957.
Pix 2: The class of 1960s
Pix 3: Our guests from St George's Taiping with Mr Louis Rozario Doss.
Pix 4: Old boys from the the 1950s.

pix 5: Our SMI teachers
Pix 6: Brother Matthew (left) ..."The prawns are good. Go get some before they are gone"

pix 7: Former SMI teacher and now Kuala Sepetang state assembyman YB See Tean Seng with Master Timothy.

Note: Please assist me in identifying the wonderful old boys in the pictures (esp pixs 1 to 4). Indicate which pix and name the individuals from left to right so that I can acknowledge them in this blog. Cheers from SMI.


Andrew Lim said...

Hi Peter,

Thanks for the comment. And I'm sure that the OMA Annual Banquet was a very nice and splendid event. I was thinking of doing an audio recording over Skype... Kind of what the BBC is doing which is podcasting. I'll try to work everything out and I'll see if I can drop by at school to talk about it.

MXV said...

Excellent coverage Peter. Old Michaelians like me are proud of the work you are doing.

Robb said...

Mr See!! He was the counselor who gave really good advice when I need them. I miss SMI so much now.