Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Our Sincere Thanks To A Competent Organiser

caption: Mr Yip (right) with Brother Vincent ...."Thanks to you, Mr Yip, for a job well done".

Working behind the scene to ensure the success of the OMA banquet dinner year after year is none other than Mr Yip Chee Thong. Being the social and cultural secretary, he has to look into virtually all areas that make a successful and memorable get-together of old-boys.
He has to find out the recipients for various categories of former students who would be awarded certificates. That is no easy task, considering some have left school as long as 50 to 60 years ago.

Next, besides looking into the area of ticket sale to make sure all tables are taken up, he has to ensure that the food is comfortable with guests who are from very different age groups.

Mr Yip also has to ensure that the certificates are prepared, rolled up and tied neatly and honorably before they are given out. He has to arrange for the services of the prefects and Michaelian Military Band members to help out that night, making sure guests are treated like "old boys".

While others are seated with their comrades comfortably, he has to go around to make sure that the beer promoters are doing their job fast enough to fill up the glasses on all the tables.

We salute you Mr Yip for a job well done -for the past 14 years. He had indeed made our reunion an evening we truly remember.

Note: During his heydays at St Michael's, Mr Yip was a renowned rugger and footballer, winning accolade and admiration from his friends and teachers.
He represented St Michael's at the prestigious Burnley Cup Youth Tournament when he was in upper form, a feat a few had ever accomplished during that time. Mr Yip left school in 1962. Brother Paul was the Director then. He joined OMA in 1991.
Mr Yip can be reached at 019-5567913.

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Anthony said...

Thank you Mr. Yip for the lovely food and drinks during the OMA Dinner on 29th Sept. 2007. We all have only one conclusion and that is IPOH FOOD IS STILL THE BEST.

Thank you and God bless you.

Anthony Kim
Form 5A3 (1967)