Thursday, December 27, 2007

PMR Top Scorers 2007

Congratulations and yes, there is a cause for celebration as 64 Michaelians scored straight As in the 2007 PMR compared to 39 students in 2006. The school hall was a hive of activities when students and their parents came to collect the results which were released at 10.30am today.

Tan Kian is the state's top five high achievers. He was honoured at a function held at the state education department today afternoon.

Mr Phoon Chong Chee and the entire school administrative and teaching team , together with the students' parents ought to be highly commended for a job truly well done.

1. Students getting their results - 2 shots
2. Tan Kian and his family at SMI before going to the department and Tan, receiving a certificate from the Director Hj Hussain Harun.

Monday, December 24, 2007


From Peter Khiew & family. Also from us at St Michael's, Ipoh.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

St Michael's looks forward to a dynamic 2008

When school starts on Jan 3, 2008, SMI is ready for yet another challenging and exciting school session.
Sixteen new teachers are being posted to SMI for the new school session. The number of staff in the morning and afternoon sessions will see an increase, with a few new counsellors added in to the fold.
Staff meeting, to brief teachers on expectations and new developments, is scheduled for Dec 31, 2007, 8am.
Mr Phoon is the principal while Cikgu Tauhid, Mr Woon, Mr Loo and Cikgu Ramli are the senior assistants 1 (admin), 2 (student affairs), 3(co-curriculum) and afternoon head respectively.
Students are equally excited when school reopens. Michaelians are one unique lot who like coming to school irrespective of the days.
During the holidays, many boys could be seen mingling around at the foyer, making the school their favourite spot to meet one another. Scouts, Michaelian Chinese Orchestra and Michaelian Military Band members make use of the break to practise and perfect their skills.
Parents and their charges could also be seen buying books, all preparing for the new term.
I observe that Michealians' zeal and passion (old and current) continue to burn within them, that's wonderful and amazing about our children in St Michael's.
Among the newly-constructed features are a refurbished office area, with a staircase that leads to the administrative block (visitors no longer need to pass by the classrooms on the first floor), a meeting room for senior teachers and members of the Old Michaelians Association, a more conducive partitioned office area for senior assistants and a bigger staff room (under construction).

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Mr Woon Fook Sim Retiring, Jan 11, 2008.

A man who always endears to fellow Michaelians, Mr Woon stands out for his outstanding display of confident calmness. His responsibilities as senior assistant in charge of student affairs in SMI have been a great blessing to the school.

His confidence and high level of expertise in handling his charges have been a shining example for teachers who want to know how he can always get things done.

Mr Woon has demonstrated, in many instances, his capability to show endurance in mental, physical, and spiritual stamina.

He simply possesses strong will to accomplish a goal, regardless of the seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

This Michaelian will retire on January 11, 2008. Another great teacher is leaving us. Thank you Mr Woon for your years with us at St Michael's.
To Mr Woon, an old boy remembers you....
Mr. Woon is another teacher whom many students hold him with reverence. Despite being the senior assistant, he is always humble, slow to anger and often correct students' mistakes in a very benign manner. Rarely did I hear him raising his voice.
I recall the moments when a few students and I were in charge of updating the student database. The Form 1 moderator, Pn. Lee Seok Chean, switched on Mr. Woon's computer and we would then sit down and start typing in the details. Later on when Mr. Woon entered the office, he would find us in his office and ask us what we were all doing.
After producing a satisfactory explanation, he would just leave us alone with our work.Looking back in those days, I feel sorry that his office is such that people, be it students or teachers, have to invade his personal space to switch on the lights and fans of the Bilik Gerakan. Often also would he find students staying around his office, thus would actually intrude his privacy.
His working place is the smallest compared to that of the principal and the senior assistant of administration. I am sure that the metal door to his office has always been banged by students, intentionally or otherwise, thus causing unnecessary disturbance to him.
Mr. Woon must have coped up with such condition very well.For all these years, Mr. Woon has been in charge of student affairs. There is nothing to wonder about if you see students in his office receiving a lecture. I also remember him having to handle the Petronas sponsorship application. From here I imply that he even had to handle scholarship matters.
He could be one of the busiest teachers in the school. Not only did he merely handle student affairs, he had to teach as well. Having to balance between teaching and administering order within the school compound is no mean feat. As he is also living in Batu Gajah (assuming that he did not shift elsewhere nearer to Ipoh), travelling to school early in the morning and back every day must have been a test of patience and sacrifice.
To conclude it all, he is indeed a role model to all teachers, as well as students. Despite not being an old Michaelian, I am certain that he has understood the Michaelian culture so well that he now possesses the Michaelian spirit.Mr. Woon, on behalf of those currently studying abroad especially, we congratulate you for a job well done and thank you so much for your years spent in SMI.
We wish you the very best of health and eternal joy with your loved ones at home. Happy retirement!
Written by,
Henry Yew

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Old Michaelians Association Office Bearers

Patron: Dato' Lim Keng Kay
Hon Advisor: Rev Bro Vincent Corkery
Legal Advisor: Ms Juliana Devadason

The newly-elected committee members of the OMA for 2007/2008

Executive Committee

President: Mr Adrian Tsen
1st Vice President: Mr Chan Khin Seng
2nd Vice President: Mr Louis Rozario Doss
Hon Secretary: Mr Harneak Singh
Hon Treasurer: Mr Steven Lee
Publication Secretary: Bro Vincent Corkery
Welfare Secretary: Mr Peter Khiew
Sports Secretary: Mr Anthony Lourdes
Social & Cultural Secretary: Mr Yip Chee Thong

Council Members

Council Chairman: Mr Yong Sin Wah

Council Members:
Mr Bobby Chew
Mr Charlie Wong
Mr R. Jeyarajah
Dr Yap Chee Seng
Mr Chan Ying Wei
Mr Alfred Choong
Mr Cheong Chiew Yuen
Mr R Gnanasagaran

Internal Auditor: Dr S Radhakrishnan and Mr Wong Thin Chee

Monday, December 17, 2007


Below are pictures taken during the funeral service at 10 am today, Mon 17, Dec 2007. His remains were cremated at the Bercham Crematorium. The Michaelian Military Band members were there to offer an air of strength to those who mourned. For all those who came, thank you all for the support.

Rest in peace, Mr Clement Fong.

A note from an old boy, Mr Henry Yew Guo Zheng said it all. Thank you Yew for penning that thought.

Mr. Fong, throughout his years in SMI and as far as I could remember him, has been a very friendly, soft-spoken person whom every teacher adores. Seen very often in the school office as well as the library, his passion and love for the school had never died off.

Personally I remember him as a very fatherly figure whose shuffling walk had always caught my eyes. I remember thinking to myself that Mr. Fong should rest at home; his legs were not that strong anymore.

However what marvelled me was that despite the seemingly weak in the legs, he was able to walk from the office to the library and down again quite frequently, sometimes carrying something in his hands as I observed him from afar.

Never had I seen anyone helping him out, nor had I heard him asking for help. Perhaps it is his way of doing things (or perhaps our Michaelians are not that helpful? Food for thought).

Nevertheless, all staff of SMI have held him with great reverence and love. He will indeed be sorely missed.

Requiescat in pace, Mr. Clement Fong.

Saturday, December 15, 2007



Passed away today (Dec 15, 2007) at 3.15pm. Remains at Ipoh Garden Catholic Church (Our Mother of Perpetual Help). Funeral on Monday at 10am. Michaelians, do come and pay your last respects.

Note: Mr Clement Fong first came to St Michael's in 1968, when Brother Paul was principal. His job was mainly confined to the library. For the last few years, he helped out with the Old Michaelians Association newsletters by distributing them to members all over the country.
He had spent nearly 40 years of his life here and regarded by many a model of zeal for all Michaelians.

For details, do call Mr Adrian Tsen at 012-5089191.

Those who know Mr Clement perhaps would like to drop a few lines "under comments" of this blog as we intend to publish them in the school magazine in memory of him.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Things That Make Michaelians Glitter!

Went through the "archive" and thought it would be appropriate and timely to highlight some of the achievements, struggles and "the special touch" of fellow Michaelians, which had made it to the press. As we look forward to 2008, we strive to produce more outstanding and quality Michaelians, who are imbued with the ideals of Faith, Zeal and Community.

Notice of Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Old Michaelians Association
c/o St Michael's Institution

Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of Old Michaelians Association, Ipoh will be held on Friday, December 14, 2007 at 7.00pm at the OMA Meeting Room (beside the school office, first floor)


1. Presidential Address
2. To receive and adopt the minutes of last AGM held on Dec 17, 2006.
3. Annual Report 2006/2007
4. Annual Account Report 2006/2007
5. Election of Office Bearers 2007/2008
6. To transact any other matters of which notice in writing has been given to the Hon. Secretary at least 96 hours before the meeting.

By order of the Committee of Management

Adrian Tsen,

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Calling Foo Say Jin & Foo Say Han Class of 1986 (F5)

A Note From An Old Boy, residing in Washington DC.

Dear Mr. Khiew,

I posted the following message today , at our web site. Would appreciate your help.

Thank you. Regards, Robert (Class 1967)

My friend , Michael Foo Chee Wei from the Class of 1985/86. He is not quite sure. Would like to contact as many of his old school mates as possible. He mentioned Foo Say Jin and Foo Say Han who were in his class. Anyone with any information please do contact us here at the web site.

Michael Foo is currently in Washington DC and is working as the Chef in an American Restaurant. He is very keen to meet up with or stay in contact with any Michaelians who know him.

Note: A little lead.... I did a search and managed to find out that both Say Jin and Michael Foo were classmates in Form 5Sc4 (1986). Say Han was the president of the Michaelian Cycling Club while Say Jin was the secretary of the Michaelian Soccer Club. Say Han was in 5Sc1.

Say Jin, seated second from left

Say Han, seated fourth from left.

Michael Foo & Say Jin, 5Sc4

I tried the Malaysian White Pages (telephone directory) but yielded no results. Hopefully, these pictures would help in assisting Michael Foo (5Sc4) in locating his friends.
Best wishes from us here at St Michael's.

Signing off, Peter Khiew

Removal of religious statues and crosses in Mission Schools

Insensitive, unsubstantiated and baseless: Federation

PETALING JAYA (Dec 7, 2007): The Christian Federation of Malaysia today described the two Barisan Nasional MPs' call in the Dewan Rakyat (Parliament) for the removal of images of Jesus and Mary and the crosses in mission schools as insensitive, unsubstantiated and baseless comments.

The federation said the duo's accusations against the management and operation of the mission schools are most appalling and hurtful and do nothing except cause misunderstanding and erosion of trust and respect among our ethnic and religious groups "in this beloved country of ours".



Statement for Christian Federation of Malaysia on Extremist/insensitive Remarks in Parliament about Christian Mission Schools’ Crosses and Religious Images

The Christian Federation of Malaysia is appreciative of the recognition of the Ministry of Education, Malaysia of the tradition to have crosses and religious images in mission schools and of the affirmation that there is no reason to remove them.

These crosses and religious images are part of the ethos and culture of mission schools which the Ministry of Education, Malaysia has repeatedly assured us will remain.

Our mission schools have been founded with so much love and sacrifice consistent with Christian values and principles with a view to providing quality education to all students, regardless of race, religion and culture.

The traditions and practices of the mission schools reflect the first principle of our national ideology, the Rukunegara, of "belief in God".

Therefore the Christian Federation of Malaysia calls upon the leadership of this beloved country of ours and the people of Malaysia to continue to support and encourage our mission schools in their thus far excellent contribution towards nation building through the provision of quality and caring education.

The insensitive, unsubstantiated and baseless comments and accusations of 2 honourable members of the august Dewan Rakyat of Malaysia in relation to the management and operation of the mission schools are most appalling and hurtful and do nothing except cause misunderstanding and erosion of trust and respect among our ethnic and religious groups in this beloved country of ours.

The reason for having brought up the comments and accusations "based on grouses from the ground" is not acceptable as in the first place, there is no compulsion for any one to study in a mission school if one does not wish to.

Moreover, one would expect that before any accusation or comment is made, one should verify the facts, especially with the management of the mission schools.

The Christian Federation of Malaysia applauds our mission schools for their continuing contribution to the betterment of our students and teachers and reminds them of the important role they play in producing responsible citizens who will love their country and contribute to nation building and unity.

Bishop Paul Tan Chee Ing, SJ ChairmanExecutive Committee of Christian Federation of Malaysia

Article taken from theSun.

Sunday, December 02, 2007


Happy Retirement Mr Aw

Mr Aw with teachers and students.Mr Aw receiving a gift from SMI senior assistant I, Tn Hj Tauhid Ahmad
Brother Vincent Corkery and Mr Aw .... "Thank you, Mr Aw"

Having produced numerous computer engineers and computer software engineers during his tenure as computer teacher in SMK St Michael here, Aw Koon Lum had a reason to retire with contentment and a sense of fulfillment. He taught in SMI for 19 years.

He believes that good teachers should impart skills and knowledge to their students so that they can develop their potentials to the fullest.

Armed with this ideal in his teaching methodology, Aw had managed to produce students who took up computer-related courses in universities and colleges who later graduated to become professionals.

After finishing his sixth form in 1971, Aw was accepted to the Malaya Teaching College where he was trained as a teacher. He was posted to Tumpat, Kelantan in 1974 after obtaining his teaching certificate.

Five years later, Aw was transferred to Kota Baru in Kelantan before being posted to Perak in 1984, teaching in a small school in Manong, near Kuala Kangsar, Perak.

In 1988, he was transferred to SMK St Michael Ipoh, his last port of call, after obtaining his off-campus degree in physics and science from Universiti Sains Malaysia.

Aw, 56, said students nowadays are a fortunate lot as computer technology has advanced so much compared to the time when he first started teaching the subject.He said computers of yesteryears were draggy, loud and unable to process a lot of things which we can do today. "During those days, having an NEC 286 computer would have friends running to your house. Students in school during that era were also exposed to the system," he recalled.

Aw, in his parting advice, told the students to be focussed in whatever they do and have long term plans to achieve their ambitions. "I have no immediate plan after retirement. What I need now is a well-deserved rest at home," he said.

Aw was given a grand farewell by some 1,500 students and teachers who sang "Auld Lang Syne", accompanied by the school band.

Note: The story of Mr Aw's retirement was also featured in Ipoh Echo, Dec 1, 2007.