Saturday, December 08, 2007

Calling Foo Say Jin & Foo Say Han Class of 1986 (F5)

A Note From An Old Boy, residing in Washington DC.

Dear Mr. Khiew,

I posted the following message today , at our web site. Would appreciate your help.

Thank you. Regards, Robert (Class 1967)

My friend , Michael Foo Chee Wei from the Class of 1985/86. He is not quite sure. Would like to contact as many of his old school mates as possible. He mentioned Foo Say Jin and Foo Say Han who were in his class. Anyone with any information please do contact us here at the web site.

Michael Foo is currently in Washington DC and is working as the Chef in an American Restaurant. He is very keen to meet up with or stay in contact with any Michaelians who know him.

Note: A little lead.... I did a search and managed to find out that both Say Jin and Michael Foo were classmates in Form 5Sc4 (1986). Say Han was the president of the Michaelian Cycling Club while Say Jin was the secretary of the Michaelian Soccer Club. Say Han was in 5Sc1.

Say Jin, seated second from left

Say Han, seated fourth from left.

Michael Foo & Say Jin, 5Sc4

I tried the Malaysian White Pages (telephone directory) but yielded no results. Hopefully, these pictures would help in assisting Michael Foo (5Sc4) in locating his friends.
Best wishes from us here at St Michael's.

Signing off, Peter Khiew

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Robert de said...

Mr.Peter Khiew, Thank you so much. I have saved the pictures and ,printing them for Michael Foo. I called him immediately and told him what you have done. He is so happy and would be great if he can reconnect with his school mates.
I am very impressed with all the hard work you have put in to help us here.
Regards ,