Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Old Michaelians Association Office Bearers

Patron: Dato' Lim Keng Kay
Hon Advisor: Rev Bro Vincent Corkery
Legal Advisor: Ms Juliana Devadason

The newly-elected committee members of the OMA for 2007/2008

Executive Committee

President: Mr Adrian Tsen
1st Vice President: Mr Chan Khin Seng
2nd Vice President: Mr Louis Rozario Doss
Hon Secretary: Mr Harneak Singh
Hon Treasurer: Mr Steven Lee
Publication Secretary: Bro Vincent Corkery
Welfare Secretary: Mr Peter Khiew
Sports Secretary: Mr Anthony Lourdes
Social & Cultural Secretary: Mr Yip Chee Thong

Council Members

Council Chairman: Mr Yong Sin Wah

Council Members:
Mr Bobby Chew
Mr Charlie Wong
Mr R. Jeyarajah
Dr Yap Chee Seng
Mr Chan Ying Wei
Mr Alfred Choong
Mr Cheong Chiew Yuen
Mr R Gnanasagaran

Internal Auditor: Dr S Radhakrishnan and Mr Wong Thin Chee

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